Having the urge to use drugs again

I have not smoked pot since 1995. I don’t look forward to the day it’s legalized here in my state though it shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference. I really can’t use the stuff or alcohol or anything. Jinx is very sick and cannot tolerate drugs ever again. But I’ll always be a drug addict and if left untreated I will desire to use. Strangely enough I don’t know where NA meetings are near me, I just know that I’ll have to ride public transportation to get there. A lot of groups closed because of the pandemic. I went to AA meetings but I need the nitty gritty youthful addict. AA people are deadly earnest, the sobriety kills my enthusiasm.

If you want my 2pence worth - get yourself to a meeting. Your not daft, you know if you use its only short-term relief, and you will come a cropper mentally.

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Could you please change your title? Maybe something like “I can no longer smoke marijuana”. Your text is fine but the title seems to be promoting being high on pot and probably is a violation of the rules.

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If I don’t see the title changed or hear back from you soon, going to close and hide. Sorry.

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Much better, thanks

I’m surprised. AA helped give me back a zest for life.

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Im an addict, and i cant smoke pot either. I always say it’s just going to be pot and then its not enough of a high for me and i turn to much harder stuff. I just hit a year clean last month, and while i miss pot, i dont miss the other stuff. Medical is legal here, snd i actually still have a valid card, but with the support of my husband im able to resist. I would recommend going to the na.org website and finding a local meeting. It’d likely be worth it, even with having to take public transportation. It doesnt matter how many years you have clean, you can always slip up and relapse. I know people through the rooms that had 20+ years clean and relapsed. A few died. Its so sad. Dont let that become you.


IDK. Most of the meetings I went to there was lots of laughter, friendly people and lots of socializing. My

Well please do not use drugs! Drugs destroy the mind and addicts lose theyre natural aura which makes natural miracles in life difficult to experience. I dont know how to read i thought it said marijuana which i made a mistake of using for a week or so last year and it interferred with the balance of my mind. So please make the appropriate choice for your mind and soul! :v:

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My problem is I just white knuckle it, I think it’s called, I stay clean by will power which is supposed to be impossible according to twelve step groups, and that I am tired of the twelve steps and the program knowing it so well and no longer believing in it.

Well i was told to treat my alcohol use but its been a week and im doing alright. Although im craving a drink and fighting it. AA works for alot of people i might consider it and support for anything is always positive imo. People help each other. :v:

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