I like NA more than AA

Feel more comfortable even though I’m both an alcoholic and addict. I can relate more. I like the hugging. I like the people more. I shared I have cannabis hypermesis syndrome and this pretty redhead came up to me after the meeting and said she had it too!!! We talked for a bit. I was nervous talking to her but I think she liked the fact I was nervous. She gave me this look like she really liked me. I’ll keep going to the NA meetings every chance I get. More AA than NA meetings by a lot but I’m gonna seek out narcotics anonymous.

Btw when I first got back into the rooms, I had to plan out everything I said. Now I just speak and say what comes to mind unrehearsed. Talked for 5 minutes straight. Made everybody laugh a bunch of times too which feels good. Man my life keeps getting better and better!!!

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Good luck with your redhead.


I think I almost prefer when guys are nervous talking to me. It makes me trust them more for some reason. Idk why. Also it’s endearing.

I’m glad you’re having such a positive experience with your group!!


I always liked CA and AA meetings better than NA meetings. I didn’t particularly dislike NA meetings but the people in NA meetings seemed a little too hardcore; you get the heroin addicts or meth users and it seemed the majority had been in prison or jail though that’s kind if true for all three programs. No one really bugged me in NA meetings but AA seemed friendlier and more relaxed.

Yeah, when I finally got a sponsor he told me to never pass up a chance to talk in a meeting. He meant sharing in front of the group. One thing that I’m not sure if this is just a California thing or a Santa Clara Valley thing or just a San Jose thing but in the meetings in my first 5 years in the program when I was going to 5 or 6 meetings a week, the speaker for the night would share his story and his strength, hope and courage for 15 minutes than he wold open the floor to whoever wanted to share. But in the majority of meetings the speaker would say, "Does anyone have a burning desire? (to talk). I heard that phrase hundreds and hundreds of times.

Because some speakers after their talk would just sit up front and pick all their friends to talk. But the majority of the time they would open up the discussion to anyone who wanted to talk by saying, “Anyone have a burning desire?” And my sponsor taught me to always raise my hand and stand up and talk then.

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On the way to the meeting we said there was gonna be some rough people based on the town it was in but everyone was so nice and normal it was a surprise lol

She said something like “the first two weeks are the worst!” So I can ride the wave of sobriety. Next week I would have three weeks I can talk to her more confidently since she gave me a nice excuse. If that makes sense. I also had to get my paper signed and I was anxious about that. I think she realized it wasn’t I disliked her as much as she found my anxiety to be cute. Maybe Idk. I did mention I take meds during the meeting

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Do you find the meetings help a great deal over trying to quit alone? Asking as someone on the verge of relapse :unamused:

It’s real helpful on a one day at a time basis. Usually I feel better after the meeting and don’t wanna use even if I wanted to before


Meetings give you support and members share their experience on what keeps them clean. You can pick up tips on what works in recovery. When you are going through a rough time in your recovery it’s good to go to a meeting where there are friendly faces and people who know what you are going through because most of them have been there themselves and they will try to help you.


At least if you are in a meeting you will not be out using.


Yes like @77nick77 said it is a fellowship so people are very helpful. They’ll give you their number and support and stuff.

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I’ve found that the quality of groups from both organizations can vary. Some of them seem to fit my personality, and some don’t. I like a group of around ten to fifteen people. In any city of any size you can find a lot of different kinds of groups. If personalities bug you in one group look for another group. Shop around.


That’s it exactly. I usually felt better after a meeting too. I could relax in most meetings and if nothing else, I had a feeling of accomplishment after attending a meeting for an hour in a roomful of people.

Yesterday I shared at the AA meeting I made everyone laugh like five times and everybody approached me after the meeting and said how great my share was.

@KittieKaye. Is there someone you can call?

Not really, unfortunately.

You didn’t relapse did you?

Me??? No I’m 20 days sober now

No. Not you. Bumbyboo

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My favorite NA meeting is tonight ;). Tons of food :shallow_pan_of_food:!!!