Having tea with a demon

I took a drink. They grabbed my taste at that point.

The tea, which i usually enjoy very much, tasted a little different this time.

It was rancid, rotten, and fishy.

Didn’t know they could do that before that time. They can affect the taste of anything. It’s all up in the brain. They know the brain very well.

I think that was around the same time i was sitting out back and heard the raindrops falling. They grabbed me mind up and turned my backyard reality into a horror flick, these bat winged ■■■■■■■ things were flying all around above us and shitting all over the backyard all of a sudden.

They can do that to.

what exactly did you see in your backyard?

It wasn’t a visual.

It was only in my mind’s eye. They made me see it in there.

They can effect the thoughts which are substance and make people think things like this.

It was awful.

Maybe your milk was sour?

They? saying is was only in your mind’s eye means you know it wasnt real?

During the fact you are incapable knowing it isn’t real. They just put it in your mind, like the computer you are looking at is info in your brain, they just put it in there and you are forced to be within that information.


It was just some green tea. As i drank it they made it taste very bad.

You don’t even have to be drinking or eating anything either, we can taste anything good or bad at anytime at all by placing the information in the brain.

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