Reverse hallucinations!

Doesn’t happen much.

But when it does this is what it sounds like.

“My poison tastes like food!”

Most usually happening with cigarettes.


Hi can I talk to you my poison was ciggereetts after I started talking about new meds but know they can taste like anything still doesn’t give me the reason to keep them up

my voices are kinda stupid, if i think something to trick them like i dont actually hear voices i have just been faking this whole time they will be like wow he was faking this whole time he doesnt actually hear voices and it makes me laugh because its like wait the voices just said i dont hear voices it is so confusing but strange

I don’t know either but I think that maybe it was something to recognise and it might have some thruth

I went through the ages patch like that werevery I didn’t feel the need to eat but there is a lesson about what is good for you and what is not