Cup of tea


With all of the other things happening during that time, esp. the alien showing up, ill never forget that cup of tea.

I hadn’t slept for quite some time, they kept me awake and horrified. Threat threat threat threat, morbidity, wierd wierd, more threats, mental images of evil, threat threat threat, it didn’t stop.

So they were having tea and offered me some. I took a drink and it was rotten. It was the worst taste i had ever experienced, something rotting it tasted like.

Come to find out what we taste is nothing but biochemical functions and electronics in the mind. You can tamper with a person’s brain and make them taste anything at anytime at all. Your favorite meal or treat can taste like rotted fish carcases or a nice steaming turd.

So with all of the torment going on and the stress and fear and morbidity and no sleep at all and the threats that was one nightmarish cup of tea i can tell you!


Sorry your going thru this. I love tea but I also love aliens. Even when they look at me with cold indifference. They told me they are not as emotionally intelligent as humans. That’s why they come across that way to us. They have very different taste buds too.


They tell people alot of things don’t they.

Have any of them been proven to be true?

It’s an old old lie. “We just don’t understand.”

They understand full well, even more so than us.


They won’t hurt you, don’t worry.


They already did.

Kind of worried about it.


I have never heard of such a thing