Mixed episode?

I’m so hyper and I felt SO GOOD this morning. I was super confident and confronted some random dude at the gym and called him a douche because I thought he was making fun of a bigger lady at the gym. I drank a ■■■■-ton of coffee. At work, I’m doing everything on speed and I’m SO RESTLESS. But now I feel like crying, I feel like a failure. I wanna go home. But I also want to digital paint. But I also don’t, cause that takes patience, right? I should probably take a Valium, but should I??? Cause I want some wine, and I can’t have wine with Valium, right???


Yeah I frequently get mixed episodes and it does sound like you are experiencing this.
I would call your doctor ASAP.
Mixed States are serious matters!
They could easily lead to a Hospitalization.


Please get help, mixed episodes are some of the worst things I’ve ever experienced :frowning:


@Wave , @wayward

Oh, now I’m worried. I’ll call my doctor.


That’s a good decison; I hope your doctor will be of help!


The doctors office is closed. :frowning:

Remain in a quiet and calm environment.
We’re you prescribed a benzo?

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You could always go to the hospital, too, if that’s an option?

Yes. Sounds like mixed episode for sure. I have this. Without the right meds I have insomnia but am exhausted at the same time. I’m happy and talking one minute and literally an hour later I’m depressed. It’s like I have both at once sometimes. I just started Vraylar. So far so good. It’s just the first day though. I was on Seroquel but that wasn’t working for me. I’m also on Depakote which has been a lifesaver for me for many years.

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I took a Valium. That’s all I have, currently. It helped a lot with the restlessness and feeling like I’m on speed. I just had a big meltdown, though. My sister called me and asked for support because of a breakup. I gave it my all and tried to give the best, heartfelt advice I could give. But once the call ended, I just had a complete breakdown. I feel very dark now and I cried for a long time.

My husband is helping me through it. He held me for a while and stroked my hair. I feel better enough that. I’m not crying, but now I feel really disconnected from my surroundings. My husband is being supportive and trying to help me, though.


I’m not familiar with Depakote. I’ll ask my doctor about that. I relate to your experience of talking fast one minute and the. Feeling depressed a moment later.


I have been on Depakote ER for years.
It’s amazingly effective against all kinds of mixed episodes and mixed states.

You can ask your psychiatrist about it @Blossom.

Hopefully you will get in touch with your doctor soon.

I wish you well.


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