Having a good day but something sparked my delusions

I was thinking 'man I wish somebody would called me and was thinking about talking on the phone." Then at the perfect time right when I was thinking about talking on the phone my old friend called. Was she reading my mind?

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Just a little thing called coincidence, if there wasn’t coincidences, why would there be a word for them :slight_smile:


This has happened to me a lot times that’s why I start to believe.

I think it is still a coincidence, our brains quickly forgets about all of the other hundreds of cases when you can see that mind reading is false and ruminate on these rare coincidences.

Dangerous argument because I could say that if there wasn’t telepathy, why would there be a word for it? :smile:


@zeno haha that is such a good point :’)


I doubt she was reading your mind. It was probably just a coincidence. That type of stuff happens to me a lot too. I think it means you are in sync with others. Basically that we are all connected.

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No other human can read your mind. It would wreak havoc into our society if people were capable of it.
As others said before, it was only a coincidence. Sometimes the laws of probability create a string of such events, leading feeble minds into paranoia and delusions.


Dude believe me its a coincidence! Your brain is ultra sensitive to coincidences because you have schizophrenia. I see coincidences like that and ever worse happening to my sister, when I ask her she tells me that she dont care because she is normal. When i stop taking my meds I believed that a granny was trying to kill me I ask her and she was even more scared than me, thats because when you dont take your meds your symptoms come back and you get a special sensivity and you see threats in everywhere. Its all your brain!

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Thanks Alan96 appreciate that

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