Having trouble with telepathy delusions

I want my personal space, my brain

But it feels like someone can observe me

I don’t particularly enjoy that

What to do

Med increase isn’t an option

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Perhaps. I’m not sure but it feels like they might be able to. Trying to believe it’s a delusion but how can I be sure

I don’t know them.

I suppose there is no way they can know what I’m thinking as there is no proof to prove what I’m thinking… OK, feeling a lil better

What do you mean by there’s no proof? I get confirmation all the time that they can read thoughts. Posts in the say anything thread! Hit reply then cancel it and boom! Lands on a post related to my thoughts

Could just be crazy coincidence

It is one crazy coincidence if it is, sometimes it’s wrong

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Even if it was related to your thoughts every time, there’s still no proof it’s real, could still be crazy coincidence

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I just don’t want anyone in my brain, that’s too much to handle.

I just try and normalise it, like ‘huh they can read thoughts now’ works for me. Just think like in a 100 years this will be normal. Teenagers will stay up late talking to their freinds in their head,

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Lol that’s funny


But seriously I hope evolution doesn’t take that turn. Or genetic freak changes.

It’s 100% going that way. The future wars will be fought in enemies minds

Emmmm how can you be so sure

I wish life was that simple too, it’s my dream for it to be that simple. I get these thought confirmations and have to consciously disregard it because I love the life where people can’t read your thoughts

Yes. It’s nice to have personal space.

Iv gotten scarily used to it now, I catch my self thinking things which I think they would approve of, it’s sad really.

I don’t get the thought confirmations as much as I used to but they are there.

Remember they can’t really confirm it, they are just coincidence, hopefully

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Yea I’m just the type of person that needs personal space to function so it’s weird having the feeling of an unknown presence possibly being there.

That’s really tough, sorry to hear it

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In 100 years I wouldn’t be called sick