Schizophrenia, Telepathy, Mind Reading and Psychic Attack

For over a year now I have had the delusion and suspicion that my voices are real people sending me thoughts via telepathy. My neighbors are the most prominent voices I hear and although we have never met face to face I hear them taking to and about me out loud, I don’t know if this in my head or telepathically (they call it taking on the mic) I can’t tell but it increases my paranoia and breaches my privacy. They also psychically attack me (or tactile hallucinations) when I anger them with instrusive thoughts and they read my thoughts 24/7 no matter what i hear them doing.

I have tested this hypothesis of telepathy by telling them to knock on the wall if they can hear me thoughts (mentally) and a couple of times I have heard them knock. I just want know what is your experience with telepathy and are your voices people you recognise or new people altogether.

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Your experience is very common. Atleast you realize it’s a delusion


Several people experience a similar delusion.

Have you seen a doctor about it,

Are you taking medication?


Yeah I’ve seen the doctor about it, they didn’t outright deny telepathy which left me at unease but I am taking medication. It helps in lowering the intensity of the hallucinations.

I’ll tell you that it’s not telepathy. Drs have their own reasons for not confronting delusions head on. It could be that if they said that you could develop paranoia about them as some people on here have


I have similar issues…

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This reminds me too if something my wife learned about when researching paranoia and going to groups and stuff. She said that the best approach to take with paranoia is not to say it’s not real but to offer other explanations as an alternative option to think about.

Like when I thought there were cameras in my apt my wife asked questions like who would want to do this, how would they install them, who has the time and incentive to watch them. And so on


at the moment I feel vulnerable and reading about telepathy and paranoia excites my imagination. I feel weird.

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Interesting what about it excites you.

I used to have terrible telepathy, paranoia and mindreading for years and years. I am glad it is over.

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I have this same delusion and it sucks man. Good luck. Get on meds.

Using knocks on the wall to prove anything is a stretch. Neighbours knock on walls all the time.

I know how the neighbour paranoia is, it sucks, but there is hope of getting your “psychic privacy” back with the right treatment.

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very similar to yours

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