Have you missed out on all of life’s pleasures because of schizophrenia?

I was very ill with sz my entire life. I’ve been stable finally for about 2 years now if I live a very low key life.

But the problem is I can see all of life’s pleasures that I’ve missed out on that all of my peers have and are enjoying. They have done are doing so much in life.

All while I got to sit at home and rot because of sz. Sit at home preoccupied with delusions/paranoia/voices, anxiety, hospitals and meds. And I can’t even talk about it to anyone because no one wants to hear it because it’s taboo (and no one can possibly relate). I feel very low.


What are these pleasures exactly?

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I am jealous of my friends, they have jobs, lots of money, date, don’t stay in bed all day, etc



Children, fur babies, perfect marriages, large expensive homes, fancy vehicles, advanced careers and they make a great salary, advanced college educations, traveling the world, active minds, very busy schedules lives, and so onnnnnnnnnn


I hear you @Aziz

I’m sorry. I feel jealous too. I understand how you feel.


I sit in my chair all day @Aziz

Does your dr know you spend all day in bed?


Yes he said there are no meds and I am not forcing myself to work or do stuff


I don’t think that’s a very helpful statement. I’m sorry. Sometimes drs don’t have the best bedside manners. I wish I could help you with knowing how to not spend all day in bed/in a recliner chair but I don’t and I’m stuck there too.



It’s not depression though that keeps you in bed all day? It’s negative symptoms? I wonder if that’s what keeps me stuck all day in the recliner chair doing nothing.


Schiz has ruined my education my career and personal life and it continues to torment me but now I have a weird foot pain that seems to flare up when I’m out and when I’m anxious it’s getting difficult to handle


The drs say its not depression, they say i have nothing wrong with me


I’m sorry to hear about your foot!! That sounds awful. Have you seen a dr? If not maybe it’s time to get it looked at. I hope it feels better soon!!

And I’m sorry you can relate about sz ruining your life or lots of your life.


It is a matter of reframing it by unconditioning yourself. We are all groomed through schooling and media to aspire to certain things and stopping and questioning these things is where you start.

A quite extraordinary amount of people regret having children.You’d be surprised. You just don’t know how you’d be with them.

What prevents you from having any?

You only see what they want you to see. Divorce rates are high and they increase over time. No such thing as perfect. It’s a facade.

What do you need a large expensive home for? For other people to look up to, perhaps? That is just the ego competing for respect. That is a never ending spiral into oblivion.

Question what you actually need and reframe it.

Same goes for vehicles ( see large expensive houses)

What career were you aspiring to?

A lot of this is about how you compete with others so you look good. Question this!

Often these advanced careers are overworked and miserable people too.

What do you need this for? So you can have a few letters after your name? A bit of needless ego trip, don’t you think?

limiting what you can do in the future by how you feel right now is pessimism embodied.

Life can get better, it really can.

Do your best and don’t compare yourself with others that would be my advice.

Why do you need to compare yourself to anyone. Be your best self. Study yourself, learn about yourself, start there!


Really? That’s unreal. I don’t know how it works where you live. Is there any way though that you can request a new dr? I wonder if a fresh set of eyes would help you not have to be stuck in bed all day.


I requested a new pdoc and she prescribed me Clozapine. I did the heart tests and she gave me blood test paper but didn’t do it, told her I don’t want Clozapine. I don’t want weekly blood tests and weight gain. Idk why she thinks Clozapine is best for negative symptoms i dont believe her


Children = fighting with them and their schools and bullying issues and illness, etc.

Fur babies = having them get sick and pass and vet bills.

Expensive homes = not so much fun as people think, trust me

Fancy vehicles = break down and extra expensive to service

Advanced career = don’t know if mine is advance, but it is very stressful lately

Grass ain’t always greener. Try and find happiness where you are now.


I have got my life back due to sz !

The way I was heading I could have not seen another year.

All of the friends whom I used to hang out with have passed away.


There’s a line in this song that says

“Missing out on life’s reward, of that you can be sure” and that line has haunted me since I was a teenager.


@labratmat Thank you for your well thought out response.

Last night I was surrounded by people who are high achievers and the bragging all just got thrown in my face.

I can’t have fur babies. I’ve tried several times and failed. I couldn’t handle the pressure of the care and responsibility. I need a very low key life or else I get symptoms.

How do you change how you feel right now? I have to live a very low key and no stress life or else I relapse. I’m not being pessimistic that’s just reality.

I guess that’s true. They thought I’d never be stable but it’s been about 3 years now. Anything is possible.

I am guilty of this. I struggle with it a lot. I will bring it up at my next therapy appointment. Thanks for the idea.


Thank you @shutterbug

I appreciate the perspective. Most people only talk about the good and brag I’ve encountered. I was socializing last night and people were bragging non stop to my face about everything good. I felt very small.