Have you had ect and it has helped?

My pdoc says he thinks it might help me. Should I go with it? Have you had it and it helped? Or have you had a bad experience with it?

I used to be so depressed that I would attempt suicide, goto psychiatric hospital, go home and attempt again

At 3 completely different times I had ECT. It helped the depression in a big way.

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I’m not clinically depressed or diagnosed as but I might as well be. Pdoc said he wants to do ect for my treatment resistant positive symptoms

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Hmmmm I dont know the efficacy of ECT for positive symptoms

I’ve thought about getting ECT for schizophrenia. Just because I want to try it. They tell me it’s not effective for schizophrenia more so depression.

I’m going to do it i think. If it makes a difference ill let you all know!

Keep us updated.

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ECT feels barbaric to me. Tasing a brain feels more like a torture method than a medical treatment

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I got asked to do it but I didn’t want to risk memory loss.

I’ve done rtms which is for depression and seems to help stabilize me. I’ve done like 80 of them or something.

There’s also MST that’s in research. .magnetic seizure therapy. Supposedly targets much more accurately than ect and avoids the memory loss component

I recently had a course of 15 ECT treatments, though my diagnosis was psychotic depression at that time. It lifted the depression immediately after treatment but things got worse again subsequently. I have also had quite extreme memory loss- I can’t remember most of this year.

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I’ve had over 90 treatments and I would never do it again. I passed out once at church then my memory was terribly effected. I don’t recommend it.

My psychiatrist said its not for schizophrenia. rTMS is also not for schizophrenia. He said those are for depression. I don’t see how ECT can be good for sz as it doesnt lower dopamine. Also it has extreme side effects, memory loss which can be permanent. Its scary.

Moderator not to ALL members: Please do not make your own device to electrocute yourself in the brain. ECT is a very specialized field of medicine and should not be done by anyone except a licensed doctor.


I tried to give this fifteen laugh emojis but it wouldn’t let me :joy:


All I got from it was a bad memory. I had it at 16

I had it. It just messed with my memory. :pig2::pig2::pig2:

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The best equivalent to PEMF is rTMS, which is a recognized treatment for SZ. It operates at around 8000 Gauss.

My machine is around 30,000 Gauss.

Professional-grade PEMF machines rate at around 50,000 Gauss.

I don’t recommend making your own machine, just get professional rTMS treatments.

There were a few people on this board who stabilized with rTMS. @LevelJ1 is one.

“I have been doing maintenance rtms treatments basically every 2 weeks since september 2019. That has stabilized me.”

Also this guy:

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Its not here. Its for depression here.

Arent you in Canada too? You should know that rTMS or ECT arent approved for schizophrenia.

Yeah I get rtms done at a research facility.