Anyone got ect?

Anyone got ect ?if so how was the outcome?did you experience unwanted side effects?

I got it before. Did nothing but mess up my memory. :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:


My psychiatrist said ECT is not for sz, its for treatment-resistant depression.

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ECT has nasty side effects, memory loss including diminished working memory.

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Yes i got it, but I don’t remember it happened

From what i can gather from a Psych nurse whos also a mate, its done rarely in my NHS Trust. You gotta be seriously catatonic or clinically depressed to have it here. And its gotta be signed off by two independant doctors.

Sod that tho - id rather be monged out on tranquilisers.


I’ve had 80 ECT in the span of 10 years. I had terrible memory loss, I also had some dizziness and Parkinson’s symptoms.

80 ect? They apply 80 times ect to you?or 80 some kind of ect frequency?

80 separate bilateral treatments.

Ä°sn t that too much?what was the reason for that?i mean 80 times is too much.

80 sounds like a ton. I only had 6 sessions. :snake::snake::snake:

I got it as a teen for severe depression. It didn’t help me. It just affected my memory

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I got ECT. Now I have ~1 year of memories wiped out of my memory.
I wonder if it is possible to wipe out 30 years of memories, and what would happen if the person wakes up with 0 memories left in his brain.

Same thing happened to me when i was on clozapine.i used that medicine for 5 years and i don t remember anything except some very hollow memories.

I am afraid of ect. I wouldn’t do it.


It is not scary. It is over before you know it. :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:

Really? I have not heard good reviews. Do you have a positive opinion?

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No I have a negative opinion towards ECT. I was just saying the process is quick. :film_projector::film_projector::film_projector:

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can you use ect for sz? i know i had it done to treat my depression and it did work a bit but please tell me can you use it for sz

My psychiatrist told me that ECT is not used for sz, only for severe depression.