Anyone here try electroconvulsive theraphy

Anyone here try ect to help with there schizophrenia? Did it make the voices go away at all. Any side effects? How much ect did you receive.

Ect always seemed strange to me. The idea that you jusr electeify someones brain and then there schizophrenia or depression goes away seems very unscientific to me. Seems like youd have rhe same amount of luck by beating a guy in the head with a baseball bat.

My psychiatrist refused prescribing it for my sz. He said its only for treatment resistant depression that don’t resposond to meds.

I’ve had so many ECT treatments during the 90s that I lost count. I had a doctor who had a financial interest in doing ECT (he helped pay for the machine I think). It helped with depression initially but damaged my ability to form good long term memories…I still have experiences that my family reminds me of but I have absolutely zero recollection. ECT never touched the psychotic symptoms, I’m glad I live in a place where it is not done now.

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i got it when i first got sick

i had 26 treatments

i only agreed to it because they said they would let me go home after
being there 8 months and let me go home for christmas

it didnt help me made me worse

but i have met some people who praise it

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I had it for depression. All it did was mess up my memory.