Have you had any experience with people being able to read your thoughts?

I’m not talking about a delusional belief, but verified occurrences of people clearly knowing what you’re thinking about or had been thinking about.

I’ve had some strange situations… it’s like they know things they shouldn’t know :smiley: I believe (from my experience) it happens when a person is really interested in you and he tries to read your emotions, facial expressions and then can predict what are you thinking. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re talking about delusion


Yes. I have thought about that before. Its a delusion.

Yes I had that issue back when I was first diagnosed with my schizophrenia
I thought people were using witchcraft on me in order to read my mind as a psychic reading :confused:

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OMG. Me too! Instead of a psychic reading it was a psychic attack.

Yup, I never completely got over it and to this day I still don’t completely feel alone

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That’s hard @Cloudd3ad. The medicine took the voices a way. Now I have a constant voice that’s mimicking an inner voice.


There are no verified occurrences, you’re suffering from delusional thinking.

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I was just thinking about this right now.


Yeah thats one of my ongoing delusions I guess, one that i’m not completely free from, it just comes and goes.

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Medication can help reduce or eliminate this delusion.

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I often think my husband can read my thoughts. I will start to say something and then he will finish it perfectly. It creeps me out. He knows me so well. So sometimes i Feel like he can read my thoughts, but i have enough insight and rational thinking to know he cant, its impossible. Its hard though, I’ll try to censor my thoughts around him, just to be sure.

I have not verified anybody reading my mind. I have never seen it proved anywhere either.

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Okay after reading these comments,
I feel like I am still delusional actually.
Some moments it seems like other people (who knows me well) actually knows what I think :confused: but it happens rarelly now

Yes. A loved one answered a very specific question I had in my mind. It was creepy. And difficult to forget. That was the only time though. I don’t believe people generally read minds.

Mine too. I don’t have an ongoing delusion, per se, but I occasionally will remember a few very stranger interactions with people that make me think certain types of people can read my mind.


I’ve had a few instances where things like this have happened. It’s what makes me question whether or not it’s even a delusion.


I have this weird thing that secret messages are being sent to me related to stuff I said or thought about. I feel like my psychotic episode messed me up so much with the thought broadcasting/stalking stuff that I find connections even while being ‘‘stable’’.