Can people really read your thoughts?

My problem is that I believe people can read my mind. Is this just a schizophrenic thing or can people really read your mind and know your thoughts? I think once I stop caring about people possibly knowing my thoughts my mind can be free and healthier.


please stay out of mine, it would bore you.


Yes, it’s just a symptom of SZ.

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It’s called “thought broadcasting,” and it’s a common feature of schizophrenia and related mental illnesses.

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No people can’t read your mind. But people can read your facial expressions and body language and some people are very perceptive so they can make it seem like they are reading your mind.


No, my doctor can not read my mind, and he would tell me if he could and also his receptionist can not read my mind, also my sister whom I live with can not read my mind, and my parents

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It would be considered ‘promoting delusions’ if I said there are specific people who can.

But in general most people are too disconnected to do this.

How could I know? It would be a lot to explain. I could even give some specific example but it would get ignored anyway since it’s - you know - ‘delusional’.

p.s. - The witch hunts aren’t over. It just appears that things have improved. Shhh.

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