Have you had any experience with people being able to read your thoughts?

As a reminder to those posting, we do not allow encouragement of delusions

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This thread is a perfect example of why I feel this particular category should be excised from the site. All people want to use it for is to make each other even more ill.


I didn’t mean to encourage delusions, I think I overshared again. @ZombieMombie

The problem with this category is the fact that delusion by definition has a component of irrational belief.

people without insight believe their delusions.

It’s not a bad category it’s just near impossible to always follow the rules because we’re all mentally ill and many have delusions and so it has to be closely monitored.

Nearly impossible to monitor it closely enough and it definitely seems to be triggering to many here.

Kinda defeats the point of a schizophrenia support forum if people can’t talk about the problems they’re having


If they would talk about it in recovery context, sure. It’s crack cocaine for people who want confirmation of their hallucinations.

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Having problems and sharing is one thing
Trying to convince people that people can control your mind while rejecting reality is not trying to overcome those problems

Fair enough I just think getting rid of the category isn’t helpful

It is the main reason one longtime moderator burned out badly.

Look man I’m not gonna argue with you. There’s a list of pros and cons with this category and this isn’t the place to have this discussion if you want we can continue this in a separate thread but I feel bad for getting this off topic on someone else’s post

I experience thought broadcasting and stalking. I struggle with it a lot. Street drugs didn’t help, but my new meds did more than my old ones. Meds and attending a day program being with people is the best thing I can do to help at least feel better or not worry about it as much.

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It seems like they are. I dont like it.