Do you get deranged if you think people are reading your mind?

I sometimes have a delusion that people are reading my mind. It actually makes my thoughts get deranged, because for example, I’ll think of things I normally wouldn’t think of and don’t actually believe or think, because I’m just reacting in a deranged way to the mind reading. It’s like I’m thinking things I don’t want to think (and don’t genuinely think) - like my mind is involuntarily going in unusual directions I don’t want it to go. Does this happen to you?

Yes, it happened before I got on meds. It’s thought broadcasting and intrusive thoughts at the same time. Are you seeing a doctor about this?

I see a psychiatrist, yeah. He tells me it’s a delusion.

Can you describe more what it felt like for you? How bad were the intrusive thoughts? Were they just about random things?

(naaa, let them i say,

i havent got any secrets anyway!

they can read away)

btw i dont believe any of this mind reading stuff but if i did then that would be my response.

No my intrusive thoughts were horrible. They’re much better now, just once in a while. But still happens.

And your psychiatrist is right, it is a delusion. No one can read your thoughts and it’s really common amongst sz patients.

I have very very limited thought broadcasting. I went through a period of time when I was a teenager when I believed my mom could read my thoughts and was ignoring them because she didn’t care about me.

But every once in a while, I get a stray, “Is he reading my thoughts?” panic, usually when I’m stuck in an enclosed place alone with someone. An elevator, a car, a meeting room. And then suddenly my thoughts are all over the place. I imagine having weird sex with the person, I remember the last time I had diarrhea, anything disgusting or humiliating that my brain can conjure is suddenly front and center.

Don’t know if my thoughts r broadcaster or not… It’s the really I live in… I prefer to talk in person so if something happens in my mind I don’t feel that person needs to know what in my mind even if I have a feeling they already know…

People need face to face or voice to voice interaction… U know like reality …

Yes this happens to me too. I try to regain control by breathing slowly and counting backwards from ten. Then the worst thing a person can gain from reading my thoughts is just numbers and of no use to them anyway.

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i had this when i was little, i thought people can read my mind when they touch my skin to skin, so i was avoiding touching others for some time, later it passed…

I think people are talking about me on the radio. I get really angry about it.