Have you ever

Gained weight from working out? I was down 6 pounds- now I’m up a pound, and I’ve been sticking to calorie counting. I’ve googled it and it says it can happen. But I’m just curious if it’s ever happened to you?

What kind of working out are you doing? cardio, or weight training? I imagine you could be gaining some muscle if you’re doing weight training :muscle:

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I’m walking and doing weight training!

hmm, I’m not sure why you’d put on some weight. Sounds like a good routine though, stick with it! I’m sure you’ll see the results you’d like, especially if you are calorie counting as well. Hang in there

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Thank you🥺 I’m hoping the scale will go down soon

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If you’re gaining muscle then your weight will go up.


Well I’m hoping that’s what it is

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