Lost a teeny bit of weight :)

Over 3 months ago I was 116kg

Now I’m 114.5kg, so 1.5kg lost…

but I’ve gained strength & muscle size, so this is more of a recomp. I reckon I have gained 3-5kg of muscle since I started training, so it’s more like 4.5-6.5kg fat loss

And some would say gaining 5kg of muscle in 3 months is too much, but my body has adapted before, so regaining lost size was easy. My forearms are quite yoked now as well.

I’m gonna keep training each muscle twice a week across 4 or 6 workouts depending on the split

I haven’t been calorie tracking and I’ve even been eating lots of desert and cake bars daily. Once you start lifting heavy it’s almost impossible to gain fat.

I hope by Feb (6 months training) I am down to 105kg at least.


Well done and remember it’s a marathon on these meds and not a sprint. I’m in the same boat nearly. Put on a little weight but added a lot of muscle and condition. Keep on keeping on and good luck with it but sounds like your on top of the exercise!


I’m losing a bit of weight SLOWLY

It’s not a race.

It’s difficult to lose weight on these meds so even if you lose some weight a little at a time, you are ahead of the game

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It’s easy to lose weight. I’ve done it 500 times myself.

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