Have you ever used any illegal drugs

I know we did this query one year ago, but now we have so many new people here on the forum. I have never used any illegal drugs, not even marijuana, what about you?

Weed…hallucinogens were my thing. I did shrooms acid mescaline dmt ayahuasca a total 40+ times. Did coke once. Ecstasy once. Ketamine twice. That’s it for illicit a. Never had a successful opiate high. I thank god for that. He never let me get high on opiates. Tried expired pills but didn’t get high.

A bunch of them. It’s not the issue of being illegal that bothers me so much but the fact I wasted so much time on them.


I did almost every drug out there, I am an ex-addict and drugs caused me many mental ilnessess I can’t cope with my life and I know that one day I will relapse. Been clean from drugs for 6 months.

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Congrats on six months. I’ never wanna do drugs again but the idea if drinking a little doesn’t escape me.

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Coke, mdma, DMT, LSD, some research chemicals, meth once, adderall…

I think that’s it? I’ve never touched opiates except for when I had a prescription after I broke my back. Was never really my game, I don’t like being sleepy. Didn’t even really smoke weed that much.

Never was addicted to anything, although I had a really bad caffeine addiction for the past couple months.

Oddly enough, my symptoms started showing up a good 6 months after I stopped using drugs, when my caffeine use went through the roof. Some of the most dangerous drugs are legal.

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Thank you. Drinking is somewhat worse than taking drugs. When I quit drugs I started drinking. Oh boy it was real nightmare. I went total psycho everytime I drank. I smashed cars, got into fights with people I consider my friends. I was out of control very agressive it always landed me in a police cell. I don’t drink anymore.

I wanted to try ketamine, been in hardcore drought for a minute though. DMT is the craziest thing I ever touched.

Used to play this song on repeat

Mixed it with acid once, my favorite thing to do was acid and shrooms at the same time. I lost my ■■■■ one day in santa cruz because i’d been up for two days bumping on amphetamine hcl, didn’t even realize I was already having paranoid auditory hallucinations from that, and then I ate half an ounce of mushrooms and four hits of acid. Had a meltdown in my car, thought I was going to have to go to the hospital, made my buddy conor hide the rest of the drugs, ■■■■ was crazy. I remember feeling extremely embarrassed. Conor gave me 3 of his klonopin and I eventually calmed down, but I don’t remember most of the show we went to afterward lmao

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I was crazy with acid in the beginning. Then most of my trips were while on anti psychotics so dulled down a little. Couldn’t break through on dmt but man ayahuasca was awesome even on meds. Crazy visuals and pretty patterns. It was the perfect intensity for me. I’ve taken half ounce of shrooms in one night off meds…people talk about crazy shroom trips but even when I ate 5 grams I didn’t trip that hard. Acid took me to different realms. I would usually take 2 grams of shrooms and walk through the woods. No mas though

It seems I’m the only one stupid enough to try Salvia.

I wanted to, but never got around to it. Was it cool?

No not really. Didn’t do anything. But I think my bad trip was from mixing salvia and skunk weed. Maybe the weed was laced. I don’t know. I had like an acid or pcp like experience.

Never used illegal drugs and don’t ever intend to

Was addicted to Weed. Did Coke and Ecstasy under 10 times. Shrooms once. At some point last year I would trip on Speed. Been clean over a year and life has improved, but living with the aftermath of acting like a reckless chump while high!! :disappointed_relieved:

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Weed, dilaudid, heroin here.
As @Minnii said, it’s not about what society takes on drugs…it is what they take away from you.


I tried salvia, it’s not illegal here in portugal

The thing about shrooms is that it’s gross and hard to eat crazy doses like you do with acid. I would eat half ounces and run around high fiving everybody haha

I liked to combine the two because I have a back injury and taking a buncha acid makes my back hurt, but shrooms have a much softer body high. If you mix the two you get a much softer body high, and the fluid mushroom visuals become a lot more clear. That’s when I really started going to different realms.

I had two sheets of really thickly layed acid I got from arcata and the next couple months were crazy. The first time I ever really got quantity I picked up a vial, accidentally wound up doing a quarter sheets worth. Everything was so cool it hurt lmfao

Then there was this one time I went to a primus show in oakland on new years, and we all got separated in the huge riots that were also happening that night lmao

Me and conor were the only ones who made it to the show, my buddy matt got lost wandering around oakland for four hours. After the show I found him but i’d lost conor, so we went to find the parking garage. He wasn’t there so then we had to find him and go back to the garage, by the time we did it was after 3 AM and I didn’t realize that after three the garage closed and was closed all day on new years. So we wound up wandering around oakland on a bunch of acid until one of his friends woke up to give us a ride back. Then I had to take the amtrak the next day to go get my car haha

I tried that in a bong. Thought it wouldn’t do anything since it was bought from a shop and had one big bad trip. That was years ago, about 14 years ago.

I never wanted to do acid/lsd because I always thought I would go crazy and never come out of it. Turns out I’d be crazy anyways. ■■■■ life. I don’t deserve this. No one does.

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Who hasn’t? lol yes I smoked weed when I was in my late teens. At first it was okay and it made me feel good and I did it socially, then it made me not okay once I had my psychotic break. I kept smoking it anyways because I had a testicle injury followed by an infection and I used weed as a painkiller. One of my friends got me to quit once I graduated and was obviously ■■■■■■ in the head.

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