Have you ever used illegal drugs


I have not and I have not seen any.


In high school I did a handful of quaaludes, black mollies (speed), LSD, and marijuana…I still do marijuana and find it helpful to my diagnosis.


Yes…most of them.


I smoked pot in my late teens and early twenties, but I quit when it started making me feel worse.


I smoked pot for a while when I was 18. Now that ■■■■ is legal in like three states. My cousin smokes way too much pot, he goes to school in LA where everyone smokes pot. I hungout with him this summer and he was pretty lazy and was obviously a little potted plant himself. I call people who get lazy from too much weed “potted plants” because they used too much pot and now theyre vegetables most of the time.

I was unusual- when I smoked pot, I would get energetic, like it had the wrong effect on me. I would get testy and do things like lift weights or masturbate, insist on playing sports or violent video games, and generally be restless.

One of my friends said that me playing gears of war (an xbox shooter game) while high was painful to watch and that of all of the states of being he saw me in, high gears of war mouse was the worst by far.

Then when I became schizophrenic it was a ticket to hell.

Ive been to parties where people were on all sorts of ■■■■. I could write a short story about all of the drugs I have seen people on. Like my computer wiz friend who has a drug problem, he was on so much ecstasy at this reunion party (informal house party) that he lost depth perception and had me light his cigarettes for him. He came over the other day to visit and was slurring his words, he was apparently stoned and has been tripping LSD the whole weekend. Sigh…lol. And this guy is smarter than me. He won all sorts of awards in high school (an elite international high school) and is literally a genius. My IQ is 133, he must be around 140. He’s very successful and I could go on about him but yeah dont do drugs, kids.


When I smoked pot I could never fall asleep for the life of me until my high wore off…other people would be passing out on the couch after a few too many tokes and I’d be wide, wide awake until my high wore off. It can definitely have different effects on different people…a mysterious substance it is.


I’ve tried marijuana for about five times but never got to like it. That is the only illegal stuff I have used.


LSD, LSD-A, Psilocybin, Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy/Molly/?/Speed/Meth? mixtures, and cough syrup.

The mushrooms are the best thing when you first experience the existential spiritual washing and awakening.
The other things were for fun with friends at parties.

I haven’t done the hallucinogens in a long time but every trip was a wonderful gift when I learned so much about my mind and gained new powers.

Cannabis is my friend, but it heavy use years ago may have triggered me into more severe schizophrenia.
I have not had it in a while either. But it seemed to help me feel energy, organized and creative and deletes my anxiety.

The other things like speed are nice when they help me focus. I did cocaine once just to try it. I did not like it.


Ive dabbled in most of what has been mentioned here sans meth of course. I would never try that ■■■■. What brought my psychosis upon me was caffeine, thc, adderall, in large quantities with just a little acid thrown in there. Mainly what did me in was stress. Now everyone is telepathic, I’m used to it by now, and I hear voices that command my suicide. I think I’m getting better and adjusting to my symptoms. The worst thing about the voices thoguh is that they just don’t quit, I can hear them right now.


Ectacy , crystal meth pills, Marijuana, cough syrup and coke


Well, I’m a good example of why you SHOULDN’T do drugs. LSD triggered my schizophrenia when I was 19, I tried crack and powder cocaine when I was 25 and got addicted, and I tried heroin when I was 26 and had to get tested for HIV. I tested negative but waiting for the results for two weeks was the most scared I’ve ever been in my life. When the results came in the mail and I was opening the envelope I literally almost passed out from fear and anxiety.


I smoked a fair amount of marijuana. I rarely bought it, but someone was always handing me a joint. A lot of people liked to see me get stoned. I’ve done a small amount of harder drugs, but because of the med’s in my system I can’t get high. I’ve done ecstasy, acid, crack, crank, powder cocaine, snorted heroin, and I didn’t get high on any of them because of the med’s, which is probably fortunate. I still drink. Before I was put on haldol decoate I’d drink thirty beers in a day. Haldol decoate cut that amount by over half. Also, alcohol isn’t as enjoyable as it was before I was put on the haldol shot. The effect was permanent. I haven’t been on haldol in over a decade, but I still can drink less than half as much as I used to, which is fortunate.


Dabbled a bit and came to the conclusion that I can’t cope with half the stuff that’s prescribed to me never mind doing recreational drugs. So pretty clean although nicotine is still my drug of choice these days


Not any more. I quit because I almost died. Won’t touch anything ever again.


And if you’re smart, you will keep it that way.


Instead of listing the drugs I have done I will say I haven’t had meth or heroine. I think if I ever would have tried heroine I would have been done, because I like pain meds so it was a blessing. The worst I have ever done was wet, which is PCP. That made me out of my mind aggressive. I don’t even remember most of that night. All I remember was screaming at and telling off my friends. They were trying to get me out of this guy’s house who smoked me up, because he was a scumbag, and I just went off on them. The most fun was mushrooms. My friends and I had a lot of fun tripping. I stopped smoking pot in February and haven’t had anything else in years. I still drink, but not that much. :sunny:


well my med may be considered illegal in America as it wasn’t passed by the authorities there.

but apart from that i had some dope and i had a chesty cough once and bought this cough syrup and i was tripping out a bit but i didn’t mean it, and i had a bit of speed too


Wonder women, Batgirl? Lol, just kidding around.
I smoked PCP once, all it took for me was two hits to know I didn’t want more and I never wanted to touch the stuff again. The stuff is animal tranquilizer!!


77nick77 I will. It’s been several years now drug free, and now I’m quitting smoking too. 17 days quit over 200 cigs not smoked :slight_smile:


Haha…give me a little bit of a break I’m struggling with psychosis at the moment. But PCP was aweful. I don’t know why anyone would do it a second time. Part of me did like it though because it completely made me not even aware of the pain I was in. Glad I’m not there anymore. :sunny: