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This is not encouraging drugs, just seeing if it’s closely associated with psychosis, how much

I took maybe roughly 5 or 6 mdma crystals once possibly with alcohol. I don’t even know if that’s a lot or not :roll_eyes:
According to a colleague it s OK but idk

I have smoked marijuana a few times. Never did any hard drugs and never had a drug problem or anything.

Haven’t touched the stuff since about 1991 though so it’s been a while.

My wife has tried everything except for heroin and she still smokes the leafy stuff. It’s not legal yet where I live.

used to be fond of weed when I was younger. haven’t smoked any for at least 5 years. im not sure how long it’s been.

I tried a lot. I had a bit of a wild period when I was younger. When I got psychosis I completely stopped.

I’ve tried all the drugs,

With the exception of methamphetamine.

I don’t think it had anything to do with my psychosis or resulting schizophrenia.

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I never used drugs recreationally, like partying and all that. I was the sober person in my group of friends. I started self-medicating with some legally obtained drugs after some traumatic events in my twenties.

I’ve done marijuana, LSD, cocaine, mushrooms, various opiates and tons of meth. I’m clean except every once in awhile marijuana which is legal in my state for recreational purposes. I’ve also had ketamine given to me by a Dr. , would never do it illegally.

I’m not sure if mine had something to do with psychosis but all I know is the delusions started about a month or two after taking drugs. So possibly yes

I did Piracetam, which is a nootropic. Abused the hell out of it, developed schizophrenia.

It’s not an illegal drug though! Should be.

The whole business of a developed tolerance for a drug plays a big role in the course of drug use. One time I was telling this girl about how I had done ten white cross amphetamine pills. I thought that was impressive, but she went, “Oh yow, I can’t remember when I could get off on ten white crosses.” Addicts and alcoholics can do phenomenal amounts of mind altering chemicals. So a dose that might be dangerous for a beginner is insignificant to a hard user. It’s better not to do drugs at all. They are nothing but misery.


I’ve smoked an awful lot of pot in my time. Quit back in 2008. I only did one line of coke. It’s questionable whether or not that was really laundry detergent. Neither me nor my husband got high from it.

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I put no. I technically did smoke pot one or two times, but it was with the approval of my doctor to try to combat nausea. I didn’t like it.

That reminds me, I also got temporarily psychotic one time when my foot got smashed by a car because they got me to breathe in nitric oxide I think it’s called and I must have breathed in quite a lot because I started to get psychotic or I’m sensitive to that side effect

I was addicted to pot and alcohol.

Tried ecstacy and cocaine a few times on separate occasions, mostly at parties and raves.

Combined the mentioned drugs many times.

That’s about it.

I’ve never done any drugs, after seeing my younger sister by her age of 13 do everything and what she did to score it, nope. I tell my kids why i never did, and my husband has never done any either.

Now as a teen i drank a lot, not wasted, still went to school everyday after probably 2 mixed drinks for breakfast from 9-12th grades, but school and mom never noticed. I didn’t drive either till after i was 18, so no worries there. Still drink now, but nowhere near as much. Only been drunk once in my life, was with my first girlfriend in her effort at age 13 to sleep with me, i still refused and walked my drunk ass home.

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I’ve never done anything illegal. I’ve never even smoked. Much to my shame, though, I have struggled with prescription drug abuse (my own meds, that is). I used to want to just sleep away life. Now I wish I hadn’t.

I’ve used a lot of drugs, decades worth.

I started using drugs to self medicate my distress over voices.

Now a days I just vape

No, but I’ve been seriously tempted to. I once or twice overdosed on hydroxyzine, which is a antihistamine; that’s as close as it got though. I’ve been raised in a very strong family with morals and values very much against drugs. So no, I’ve not done drugs and don’t plan to either.


I’ve tried pot once.
I think it was Hashish.

I did Mescaline once and it was a very bad trip.
This hallucinogen triggered me into psychosis.

I was never an avid drug user.
I was also never a big drinker.