Have you ever have your pastor say its demons?

Have you ever had your pastor say its demons? I told my pastor recently and he said the daydreams was caused by demons. He also said it was caused by me not forgiving my bullies. That I need to forgive them and pray to God and the daydreams and thoughts will go away. He also thinks I should stop taking the meds. He doesn’t believe I have a mental illness. But if I am off the meds the daydreams will come back. I don’t want that.

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So demons are able to do it to us, whenever where-ever they want? It sounds a bit stupid if our God/s can’t do s*it about it.


Do not stop your meds. And distrust your pastor.


I remember I told a pastor to excersize a demon out of me I was convinced I had one in me

There are probably more well informed people, religious or other-wise, that can give you better advice. When I first got sick, two of my closer friends were totally anti-psychiatry and against medication, and not only gave me shitty advice, but were among the people who suddenly became overtly hostile and judgemental regarding what I was going through. It hurts and it’s confusing, but maybe it’s better to talk it over only with those who at least have some understanding that what you’re dealing with. It is a medical illness, and not something up to personal choice or a question of morality.


I just remembered: I met a pastor who counseled me not to stop my meds for anything. So they’re not all bad.


I’ve been asking two pastors who gave me two different answers.Both belong to same church.First one,two years ago,told me after I explained my symptoms that what I experience are demons,and asked me how I manage to be so calm and have serenity.The other one I called on the phone when I was in battle with my symptoms,and after a short story he told me that I am not case for him and that I should see my psychiatrist.


You should not believe anyone who says it’s demons, or who says you’re being punished for something. Scientists now know that it is caused by excess dopamine in your system. It’s basically the biological opposite of Parkinson’s disease, which is caused by too little dopamine. Your brain produces excess dopamine due to a genetic predisposition, usually combined with exposure to intense stress as a child/teenager.


I felt very strongly that my bullies was witches and was associating with demons and they put a spell on me using the power of demons. That’s where I felt was the source of the daydreams and thoughts.

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I’m sorry. That is a tough delusion to break. But your bullies were not witches. They were just regular people.

Side note @far_cry0, breaking the rules in another language is still breaking the rules.


15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15!! OK thanks.


Aku sz positive symptoms are caused by elevated or high dopamin in our mind…

They say negative symptoms are caused by lack of dopamin in mesocortical track…!!! None of the scientist till now are able to figure it out what causes negative symptoms…!!! Hope soon they will come out with next breakthrough…!! I am always hopeful to that…!!


Ok, @far_cry0. Nothing to say. Enjoy!!!


I think that @anon68148378 is right.How come that most efficient med is clozapine,which have little effect on dopamine receptors?

In 2011 some people told me that I had demons in me even told me to go off my meds.

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through my innocence I raised the white flag of surrender in 2000…18 years ago…I won the battle…my heart is pure…even the demons are afraid of me now


I underwent an exorcism when I was around 20 years old. I have to say, it was a powerful experience. But it didn’t work.
I’m still a Christian after all these years and I believe that demons exist. That’s part of my belief system. BUT, it was important for me to understand that I also have sz. Finding the right treatment and coping mechanisms for your sz is important to your ability to function in life. That doesn’t mean you can’t also have faith and pray, etc. They are not mutually exclusive. Don’t throw anything out that you find helpful and useful in your life. Do throw out anything that is harmful and destructive to you. :heart:


I just threw my cross in the m*********ed garbage!

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Breaking what rule?