Demons are actually after me and nobody can convince me otherwise

I’m going to die soon because of them :frowning:

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Why don’t you keep to one thread so there can be a more cohesive discussion?

Every thread I open this morning is yours. It’s like watching tv and you’re on every channel!

In any case, sorry about the demons. They’re not real.

Because people keep arguing with me

I’m still thinking a demon is talking to me and i saw him one time, i nevertheless upped my meds because i hear him less . My experience was real since now i pray more time during the day and deeply. I tell you that for convincing you that meds can help.

How do the meds help??

What i think is demons to talk to you must act on the brain and meds prevent demons acting. But i’m not sure. Maybe it can be explained with the idea of chakra or something i don’t know.

Oh okay i see
Is my brain faulty because of the demons

I don’t know it’s not a psychiatric theory. And by the way don’t tell your psy that if you want to leave. But it could be good for you if you experiment that the meds can help you somehow and one day just tell your psy that meds are good for you. If so you will be in a good partnership with your psy.