Have you ever had a forum stalker?

I’ve never been able to confirm that somebody was stalking me. Had/have suspicion though.

Hehe they are afraid to come here. @firemonkey :smiley:

I remember one time I put a list of my current meds into the search bar and a website came up that was a medical website that reviewed meds and it was quoting me off of sz.com. It was geared towards medical providers, I can’t remember the name. But I almost anonymized my account because I was so paranoid that someone might see my posts. That’s when I changed my name actually, now I don’t care who reads.


yea, it’s treato.com you can go there and see your posts too. It’s creepy. They have quotes from everyone on sz.com as well as other mental health websites.

I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of having an open forum where anyone can sign up or post. I’m more worried about spiders or even just people cross referencing my posts here with data elsewhere to find out who I am. Or other methods of identification.


I think they have simply a bot copying posts.

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still creepy though, did you check it out?

yes but these are all anonymous posts everyone could have found on google.


What is spiders?


And I’m not particularly worried about stalkers,

What are they going to do? Out me?

I’m afraid of a lot of dumb (shit), like whales, the planet Jupiter, toenails getting too long, etc…

Stalkers doesn’t make the list.


Just a reminder that it’s important to remain anonymous on the forum—here’s an excerpt from the forum guidelines.

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They’re search bots? They collect data from all over the web for whatever purpose I’m not sure. Here’s an article, don’t know if it’s accurate but it’ll give you an idea what i’m talking about.


Thanks for explaining it to me! I’m a noob with this sort of stuff.

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Can’t imagine anyone wanting to ‘stalk’ me,
All they’d get is my invented ‘character’ anyway. It’s a ‘part’ of me, yet distinctly different.
Not that I haven’t entertained thr idea though I doibt they’d get what they came for.

I feel like maybe I do but if so Idk what they hope to find lmao come at me bro :sunglasses:

Ha! That made me laugh out loud @KingKazuma!

I got a few sick PM messages about a year ago from some sick guy on here. I didn’t realize what they meant until months later but it cheered me up to see from other posts by him that the guy came across as very disturbed. I usually don’t wish bad things on people but in this case I was relieved and glad to see his character was extremely suspect and I had nothing to do with his bad posts.

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Neva had stalker…:tiger2::leopard::monkey:

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I wish man,
the young lady in my psychosis episodes was my stalker.
I miss her sometimes even though she was a c*nt :expressionless: .

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