Do you feel your privacy is at risk as a result of using this forum?

Do you you feel your privacy is at risk enough as a result of using this forum that it makes you want to consider leaving?

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Nah. Not at all


Not particularly. I do divulge a lot about my life on here but I don’t really go into specifics. My handle here is also unique to this website.

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You could always just never tell people you use and then no one would know to look here for anything you’ve written and if you are not using your real name there’s nothing to identify you to the general public so no I don’t think my privacy is at risk. That being said, there are still things I keep private, secret, some things should never be shared in an open forum.

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I don’t really care that much if people know who I am. That being said, I don’t think theres much risk of your identity being known if you don’t use your real name and don’t divulge private information.

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I think we share enough info that we can be found out. I try not to though. You just don’t know who could be a stalker and/or killer. I think it’s a bad idea to share photos, because images can be searched.

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I feel pretty safe here.

That being said,

For someone I know, finding me on here would be very easy.

Only my husband and therapist know I’m on here and I’ve told my husband not to come on,

That it would be a violation of my privacy.

He understood.

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I got a couple of messages of ppl wanting to add me through FB. I don’t want anything related to this website to enter my private life. I am here bcz I am suffering, I am not here to make friends. I am ok with online buddies but not sharing my private life with them. It makes me uncomfortable and its risky.

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I’ve posted some selfies on here so technically people could find me on here,but at the same time I don’t share my real name

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The only people that know I on it is my aunt and my pdoc. And no one knows which name I use. Don’t really concern myself with it.

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No not at all, few know i have sz , i never post selfies that anyone can see who I am

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I don’t think so.

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Nah - im not worried in the slightest. I post selfies here and its no secret where i live. If somebody thinks im worthy enough to be tracked down, bloody good luck to them - ive got nothing to hide :slight_smile:

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It has been an issue as my aunt got diagnosed and I got paranoid shes be here …

I’m not concerned. I’ve been pretty open about some of my peculiarities so my life philosophy is basically, if you don’t like me and what I do or who I am then I give a smile and say ■■■■ you!



Yes, a bit. The site is found as one of the first results in a Google search of my full name, which is a unique name with first and last name combined.

Also, my kid saw the website opened. Though he doesnt read English well (he just started to learn), he saw which username was mine. Which reminds me: moderators, would you please want to change it? To something random, i dont care, as long as my kid doesnt know it.

Sometimes… I was thinking a few days ago because I was hearing some of my post being read back in my head at nights… but I know it’s not real…

Noone I know, knows I use the site and I feel a bit better since I started posting here…

Nobody knows that I’m on here, and I removed all my photos, I might have a display picture here and there though but don’t feel at risk

I’ve spoken candidly about my illness, if someone is going to try and make me pay a price for being open about my illness, I’ll wage war on them, they will bleed from a thousand cuts as they burn alive barricaded in their own fortress. Smoke will wither their lungs and ashen will be the taste of a petty victory.

Yes. Someone spies on me. I try to be discreet.