Have you ever been to a fortune teller

We’re they correct in anything…

I have once many years ago.

Not really correct on much

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I once went to one who read cards. Said my future was going to be successful but there was a certain person holding me back from it.

Yet nothing has come true

I once went to one with Tarrot cards. She told me that I will become very ill in that same year. Later that year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I thouth that yup, that is it, she was right.

I never went to one again. I don’t believe in that stuff but a visit to one of them can put ones mind on a trip.

Haha yep they just want your money just like religion

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I was told I’d meet someone called Nathan and since I’ve always had a liking for that name and am attentive to any Nathans.

They did ask if I’m a Pisces and I am. Probably only thing correct.

My mom took me to one. She said I’d get married at 28 and have a little girl who dances. My daughter is a talented ballet dancer. I got married at 22

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This question applies to everyone:

Just out of curiosity…
Did you already have SZ before you went to them, or was it something that came after?

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in church a prophet came and he told my sister that he saw a young man and that “you almost lost him” this was one month before i got really sick from schizoaffective.

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Yes. She was very accurate.

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I think it’s bulllshit

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Lol you clearly dont know what u talking about

Yes… Once I dreamt my ex as the 1. And his life unveiled before my eyes. And I’m out. I saw blindly bc he married some hoes

My oldest brother has always been heavily into Tarot cards, Ruins (Stones), RPG’s and anything slightly ‘magical.’

Another brother needs scientific proof to believe anything.

I’m somewhere in between, and I’ve had my brother read my (possible) future quite a few times, which was pretty accurate.

I also had my ‘future’ read when I was in my 20’s (actually the rest of my entire life displayed/predicted) by reading my birthday in relation to the planetary line up, and it has proven very accurate so far- it’s scary accurate.

So yeah, I’m a believer in this, just not a believer in everyone who thinks they can predict my future.

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I was a fortune teller for many years :shushing_face:


I knew a psychic that was spot-on. She said my half siblings won’t be nice to me at first they’ll get used to me. ■■■■■■■■. I said. Told my ex don’t you want a baby. Propelled dream I was pregnant in Austin. There are many paths that lead to different outcomes.

Got ■■■■ away when his dad stood behind me with a gun .

I’ve been to many psychics. One of them told me that my female lover of three years would soon leave me. I was devastated when she said that. But, it turned out to be true. Soon after, she did leave me.

I was told that all my journaling would help out a family member of mine after I pass away. I presently have many prayer journals that I have been keeping for many years that I am going to pass on to my niece when I die. So, I think she is the one that will benefit.

I was told by one psychic that I was very unlucky in love. And she was absolutely right. I have never been able to hang onto any of my lovers, husband or love interests all my life. I am alone today because of this.

Not a fortune teller but a story teller

Welp, tbh im a very cynical person. Meaning that i dont believe in anything. But ive experieced some weird stuff. The trick with psychics is you have to ask the right questions. If its good intel or not is up to you. But as a general rule of thumb i never ask about my future.