Fortune tellers

My mother and I knew that so-called “fortune teller”. I met her several times, and I even believed in several things she said.

I just heard the fact that that “fortune teller” in someway killed an elderly woman with cancer. She treated her with “magic” and spells, and she didn’t even send her to the doctors because she felt bad. The elderly woman was ~90 years old and trusted the fortune teller for 100%
I know it’s a sad story, and all I can say…
I no longer believe in witches or spells or magic. It’s fake


I dont know what Im doing wrong. I want to create a separate topic on this tho. whenever I read the Bible I feel better however its in my human self I feel we should also be connected to nature. maybe its taken me away from myself, or I have different aspects of me throughout time, but Im trying to regain my true self and its really hard. feel like im on the right path though, but when i get too flighty and in my mind about things, life, meanings i feel disconnected to who i am…Im trying to spend less time paying too much attention to my dreams and instead focusing on living life in present moment.