The magic of theater... and tarot cards

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I do think Tarot Cards are pretty amazing with how they seem to work psychologically.

There’s a waitress at our favorite diner … she had a rotten boyfriend… he took her money… used drugs… cheated on her… I told her she needed to leave him and make sure to close any joint bank accounts and get out of the situation.

For ages she still bemoaned her bad boyfriend…

My sis pulls out the cards… lays them out… says pretty much the same thing…
It’s time to move on
there is a negative influence in your life
more sorrow is coming
your loosing money
it’s time for transformation
there is hope in the future

two weeks later the waitress left her boyfriend… broke off all ties and moved out away from him…

I said the same thing… but I guess the pictures had more impact…

That sort of thing has always fascinated me about the cards… why do people put them in high regard… over a common sense talk?

Maybe the cards are perceived as leading a person to a decision rather then telling someone what to do…


I think that humans are very visual animals - Tarot cards do a good job of showing you what is happening in your life - a very visual tool.

I am drawn towards the Tarot cards once in a while, but I dont know if I will pick them up again.


your kidsister just got ’ cooler ’ :snowman: …if that was even possible !?! :grin:
take care :alien:

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thought i would mention , i went to a tarot reader…she was 100% accurate… :smiley:
and a friend of mrs. sith fore told…our future…also 100% accurate… :ghost: it was cool !?!
take care :alien:

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