Psychic Readings

How come when you get a Psychic Reading about your past life, you are always told you were a Nobleman or Princess…etc.

How come you are never told you were a common horse thief or the guy who shoveled the elephant poop at the Circus?


I got one psychic reading when I was in my twenties. The woman used playing cards and told me I could be the next massive entrepreneur…like Calvin Klein!

It didn’t quite pan out, but getting the reading was fun entertainment just the same.


I’ve been to one… in my twenties as well. She said I was gonna be really successful lol. That didn’t pan out either still fun though.

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Maybe because it’s fake or they’re paid? I believe in past lives and I wasn’t always rich or a nobleman. In fact, I was poor and schizophrenic just like now. I remember you too. The simulation just repeats itself indefinitely with slight variations after 2011 aka quantum branching according to many worlds theory.

I believe I had some nice past lives although seldom, rare, and few in number.

My life started going down hill in college after I posted “I think we live in a simulation” on Facebook. Aliens drove me insane. I thought it was a vast conspiracy but that was my first life. I ended up at Dulce I think.

After watching some youtube videos on simulation theory, I’m covinced the aliens don’t want us knowing; rebooted us in 2011 when I posted it; or are covering it all up.

They didn’t want another Elon Musk, I guess lol. JK.

I have a friend who did psychic readings when she needed extra cash. She said you have to be careful with the amount if bad news you give. Too much bad news, and people decide they don’t want to go to you anymore. Too little and they don’t find you believable. So she would usually make up some stuff about impending danger thay could be avoided through carefully thinking through actions, which is general enough that if it didn’t happen she could say “oh good job avoiding the danger! Come back so I can tell you if there is more danger to avoid!” And if something bad did happen she could be like “oh looks like you need more advice to avoid future danger!” Amd get repeat customers.

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I know how to read tarot cards, as there are rules and standard meanings, but i don’t believe they are magic at all. That’s not to say i bilk people out of money (my readings are free), or that I’m “making things up.” Here’s how I see it:
I don’t think they tell the future… or the past.
They are ink and paper. They are only ink and paper. They are also archetypes. It doesn’t matter what details I share, or how I interpret the card so much. It’s never what I SAY. It’s what you take from what I say.
I see them as entertaining little tools that help a person verbalise what they really feel about whatever situation they’re in. Even if it’s “Oh that’s not true! I’m never going to be important!” These reactions to the tarot seem more important - therapeutically - then anything the cards spit out, even when they’re read “correctly.”

I guess it’s what you take away from it that’s at the root of their importance for me. They untangle my thoughts, and help me work something out.
Does this make sense to anyone else?
And yes, they’re a lot of fun.


Could you give me a Tarot reading on this thread @Sue_Bee? Is this possible for you?

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@anon39054230 I can try. Again, disclaimer: I am not magical. :slight_smile:

Do you need any information from me? Birth date…etc?

Did you have a question in mind? You don’t have to tell me, I just wondered. I don’t need any info.

There was a psychic reading booth at the YMCA when me and my sister were kids. They were having just a fun fair

The psychic lady told me I would die at 66 year old, alone and lonely … a great thing to tell a 10 year old child, LOL

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How will my retirement years work out? I’m presently 55 years old.

And welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Is this the lineup to get my tarot cards read? I would love to see what they have to say about something in particular

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