Have you ever been physically tortured by someone?

I have multiple times. Just wondering if anyone else has experience with this.

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(Wearing moderator hat)

Yeah, but I wouldn’t give up the code.

@shutterbug , are you denying this took place? When I say physically, I mean real life stuff.

EDIT: I guess I wont get into the details.

I have no idea. I don’t know you. You’re an anonymous person on the Net. I do know that this sort of post riles up those here who are not well so I’m putting it where it will do the least damage.


When women on here make posts about being raped I hope you do the same thing so it is fair.

Only for the ones who have the same track record you do with posting delusional content and receiving bans for starting fights. Fair enough?


What does starting fights have to do with whether or not someone has been physically tortured?

We will discuss this topic in no man’s land, @pixel That is my delusion for this thread.

And if you feel like an aspie in this world, you’re definitely gonna be out of place in no man’s land, what with your world view and all.

No mans land sucks ass

@pansdisease Will you be with me in no man’s land so we can have a reunion with pixel together? Then they can lecture us on the importance of medication and how it is all a delusion.

@pansdisease We can bring our “hallucinations” along with us in the group therapy session.