Fights in the past

i havent been in a fight for about 20 years, but in my childhood and teens i lost count, were u in many?

ok at the age 23 i got my neck slit 1mm from the main artuary, its now a 10inch scar and stabbed in the back, i lived to tell the tale

nah not many.

two I think, one was over some idiot grabbing my girlfriend’s butt at a party and we just ended up locked in roll down a hill of empty beer cans, kid put me in a headlock but I think we both got tired and agreed to go drink more beer.
The other was really more of a one sided fight as it was more me throwing all the punches. Scared the hell out of a couple of German exchange students and got kicked out of the party.

But I’ve usually been the one trying to prevent fights as I used to throw bon fire parties most summer weekends in my late teens and I usually encouraged people to use their words. The only fight I remember breaking out there was one night we showed up at our spot and a third of the football team was already there drinking. So we all sat down and I managed to find some common ground. Then an hour into the party people start in about how someone’s little brother ripped off someone else’s little brother and I’m trying my best to hold things together until one of our crew calls one of their crew the N word and I just throw my hands up and let them fight. The kid who used the N word got his face literally rearranged…he was beaten to a pulp over someone else’s little brother getting ripped off.

fights are stupid anyway.

I am not a physical fighter really. A couple of childhood/teen fist fights with my brother - hes 2 years younger than me, but no real fights with others

LOL, sounds like parties i went to.

At first I thought I knew you because one time I got hit by a friend who thought I was grabbing his GFs butt but I was actually reaching for a lighter that had slid down by her butt… that’s the kind of stupid stuff that happens drinking…

I think I broke up more fights at parties and never got in one…there were a few school yard fights as a kid and teenager, and I had to fight my Moms boyfriend to get him out of the house which was successful…the drunken dude had to go.
Self defense training don’t count…

i used to be a bouncer/doorman and i never got in fights even then…violence does not bring peace.
take care

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Once with a cop that lasted 4and a half minutes. We were rolling on the ground kicking and hitting, he started it and it wasn’t justifiable, he was just pumped up on too much adrenalin from a prior call.
Needless to say I lost, but I sure made him sweat.

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I got in three fights with my friend when we were kids. I think the last one was when I was 13 and he was 14. I lost all three. When I was 16, me, this same friend and another friend were walking downtown on a Saturday night to try to pick-up girls. We each had drank 3 beers and smoked a few joints. We ended up getting jumped by three 19 year old cowboys behind some buildings. They caught me by surprise. One of them ran up to me and hauled off and hit me in the face and knocked me to the ground. It went downhill from there. We lost.
In my late twenties in my addiction I had a bottle broken over my head from behind and a few other incidents.But yeah, I haven’t had a hand laid on me since I quit drugs 24 years ago. My dad was right it seems, most people go through their whole adult life without getting in a fight.

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