Have you ever beaten someone or got beaten up?

It’s kinda expensive but thanks a lot for suggesting

Toy section in places like k-mart would sell very cheap alternatives to bozo. Extremely cheap plates at op shops. Even grabbing old clothes and ripping, cutting the proverbial out of them. Or anything to vent and focus that anger atm. Main thing is to stop you doing something you will regret later.

This is an odd/deviant topic…but outside of training and sparring with rules, yes I beat a bully up when I was in junior high. I didn’t even get in trouble, I was praised by the teachers for it. Lol. Now I have technically assaulted people before but I was surrounded by seven cops shortly afterwards and my memory of the whole thing is bad because I was messed up on celexa and alcohol. I had a little over a quart of alcohol And I was seeing double, I remember that. I remember spitting what I was drinking at people. Oh what a charming 19 year old I was.

I am a pacifist but as a youth, I got into several fist fights with my brother - I mean we were teens.
I got into a fight with one of my best friends - but I was a kid.
There was an incident with my father - I was not a kid. I was messed up mentally and not doing so well plus the idiotic pdoc got me off of a powerful psychotropic medication suddenly - within a weeks time. This caused me even more destabilization - I am not proud of it.
I also got into a scuffle with a cop - security guard and a couple of orderlies at the psych ward, but I was not well

After being put on med i never been in a fight, its been 8 yrs. since i am on med. before meds i been in a fight lot of times, i beated up most of the time, but now, chances of getting into a fist fight is extreemly low. I am in my late 30s.

my neck has a 12 inch scar and stab wound in the back from a fight

yes on both… I tried to beat up a banana mascot who I thought was bothering my little kid sis.

when I was homeless…

Myself, one old guy who was 63 and had a stroke and a woman who was in her 50’s… we all got pounded… by some yahoos who don’t like homeless… Finally a bystander was yelling that they were going to call the cops. Broke my nose, broke some ribs… killed my knee cap…

ive had about 15 fights in my life, one win 14 loses

One time I entered a “tough man contest” where I won a fight by depleting a guy’s aerobic capacity by impeding his fists with my head. It’s a brain cell expensive way of fighting.

Sadly I have tried both

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