Have you ever fist fought while on meds

I been in a fight lot of times, i was very physically strong and i was healthy… After i became ill and started medication, there been a lot of situations where i should have fought, but kind of, i got scared. Fear was more prominent when i was on high those, now i am on low those and still i don’t want to fight whenever there is cause. I just don’t get it. Is it my age(38) that causes fear and prevents me from fighting, or its this damn med i am taking.

Share your story.

i do not do meds and i do not believe in violence of any kind .
i used to be a bouncer/doorman when i was 25 i did it for 6 months, i never hit people or got into fights i always found peaceful ways of dealing with difficult situations.
i realized back then studying the people i used to deal with that the human race is heading for a brick wall and they deserve it , the human race is dragging their knuckles along the ground, and we call ourselves civilised !
take care


The only fist fight I’ve ever been in, I didn’t start, wasn’t my fault, lasted a little over 4 minutes, and I didn’t win…but sure made him sweat, and boy was he pissed. I was on meds, but that wasn’t the problem, the cop was.

I have never been involved in a fist fight, but I was involved in a violent event. Basically I was on Venlafaxine (Efexor) and was overdosing, which made me delusional. I saw things that weren’t there, and had some super messed up beliefs. I ended up tackling someone and holding them down on a sofa because I believed they stole some money from me. It was not true. I paid a price for that event.

Eventually I got of Efexor and my delusions stopped.

I was in a lot of fights when I was off meds and homeless and really loosing lucid. I’m not really a puncher, I’m a gangly swimmer, not very coordinated on land. So I shove and kick when I’m not on meds. I used to get beat up a lot when I was homeless. I was so drunk and out of my head, I don’t know if I really knew what was going on.

My one true fight that I completely started while ON meds was more then stupid. (they all are) I was 18, my sis was 7. There was a guy in a mascot uniform (a big banana) swinging a sign around for some smoothie health food store and I was having a very bad and angry day. I was getting clean and sober for the first time ever, I was most likely in a bit of withdrawal, I was on meds, but my head wasn’t together yet… and the banana was scaring my kid sister while trying to get her to take some coupon for the store. It was following us and skipping and trying to engage the little kids on the street.

I was getting paranoid and really freaked out by this banana mascot… and as soon as the Banana guy (who probably meant well) shook my kid sisters hand and she tried to pull away, that was it… fight time.

Yes, if your getting a visual of me trying to fight and shove a 6 foot banana, that’s just about right. The Banana kicked my butt, he hit me with his sign. The whole thing was stupid and embarrassing. My sister however, picked up all the coupons and got us half price smoothies for over a month.


Is it possible that now that you are older you don’t feel the need to fight? It’s not always the best solution even when there is cause. The possible consequences out way the risks.

Nope. I did ■■■■ with my friends once drunken night when I wasnt on meds, I remember slapping them as hard as i could and screaming in their faces

I no longer drink but when I did I went to a pub and you weren’t allowed to smoke in there
I smoked anyway and a woman tried to physically remove me from the pub in my drunken state I went into protection mode and I hit her with my bag unfortunately there was a bottle of wine in it and she had blood all over her face I went into her majesties custody for the night I really regret doing that to her.

that is funny you should write a book, you are a good writer .
i was a courier in the city when i was young and had to carry one at a time, these huge childrens t.v characters called b1 and b2, bananas in pyjamas, it is an australian popular kids program.
so there i was walking in this huge mall holding on to this 8 foot banana character i looked like i was wrestling with the thing i could barely hold on to it !
then i had to get the next one from the carpark !
i passed a lot of bemused children and parents !
it is hard to look macho holding on to a giant banana dressed in blue and white pyjamas !
take care


No. I backed down from fighting. When I was a teen everybody had their petty gangs. Choose to fist fight and you might get shot. My friend was in a rumble at a park of about 10 people just young teens hitting each other. I was older it would of looked bad if I joined plus there was some big dudes across the field in the parking lot eyeing the action. There is no cause for me to fight when on meds.

■■■■ it. I’ll never recover. I’ll never value anything of substance like I used to.

The problem is that we have no rights. No matter how many abuses I’ve experienced from different places due to my parents baker acting me there’s nothing I can do and nothing matters. Just wasted time and wasted emotion.

I should learn not to care. Caring is what got me in trouble.

starry night sending many hugs to youxxxxxx
your friend in the struggle.

Bananas in pyjamas plays here on our Seattle Kids channel. I know some kids that my sis will take care of and they would be in AWE of you for knowing the bananas. They would ask you for the banana’s autograph. :smile:

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yeah, me and b1 and b2 are close like brothers !
we hang out somtimes cruising down the main streets of my local rural town (well it only has one main street !)
playing the music loud, mostly metallica, scaring all the locals !
i’ll see what i can do, though it is a bugger getting their banana hands around the pens , it ain’t easy not having fingers !
take care
p.s cool new picture of you surfing .

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Been in one fight, i lost.

But other than that i have had my throat cut slightly, and another knife held to my throat, and one guy beat the ■■■■ out of me while homeless. None of these were fights though, just people hurting me for nothing.