Have you ever assaulted anyone? physically or sexually etc?

I once broke a solid mug of coffee in half on a guy’s head… i didn’t know him that well it was in a coffee shop and bar and I thought he was laughing at me.
He threw up straight away from serious concussion, while i got out of there… he was a dope dealer and didn’t call the police.

I’ve driven to a church where i thought i was going to have my head cut off by a guy with an axe who was chasing me because i thought i’d killed my sister.

I also got into bed with a sleeping woman i was sharing a room with, thinking she had asked me to sleep with her, i started almost masturbating but she woke up.

I frequently tried quite forcibly to make my boyfriend have sex with me, over months with psychosis, i thought he wanted it, but he was also insistent that he didn’t
i really believe had I been male I would have raped

I actually think I’m quite lucky not to have caused serious harm and been incarcerated.

yes when I was drunk once I was in a pub and forgot you couldn’t smoke in them a lady tried to grab me to remove me and I swung round and hit her with my bag (apparently) and it had a bottle of wine in it.
it cut her face. I deeply regret this.

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I’ve been in a couple of fights in school but I’d hardly call it assault. I’ve slept with several woman in my life but I never had unhealthy sex. I may have been very stupid and immature with sex in the beginning though. I haven’t slept with anyone in the past ten years and I don’t think I will ever again.

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My last session as an inpatient I hit a man who had been tormenting me for days. It was a reckless and stupid thing to do as he was at least 5 inches taller and much stronger. He gave my face a real battering.
If the staff had dealt with him instead of turning a blind eye it wouldn’t have happened. The staff didn’t like me though because they disapproved of my getting friendly with the person that later became my wife.
That got me put on the closed ward. Funnily enough it wasn’t too bad as though they had to be firm in dealing with some patients they were also kind,well organised and fair.
As I was a voluntary patient I actually left hospital from the closed ward with my friend,later wife.


Think it’s great you found your wife in hospital
You reminded me of punching a nurse 2-3 times in the face because I thought she was telling me to, and went to kick another patient who I was commanded to head butt

I mean things which you maybe would not have done had you not been in psychosis
Is it meant to be uncommon for a schizophrenic to be violent to others or is that just talking about murders perpetrated by schizophrenics?
I read that some of the most important indicators are past violence and getting command hallucinations

I’ve been assaulted by the police before. One time I was walking across a highway, and there were two policemen standing on the median. I figured I hadn’t done anything, so I could just walk past them. As I walked past one of the called to me - “Hey, George.” I turned and yelled at them, “Tom! My name is Tom!” One of them sprayed me with pepper spray. Then they handcuffed me, slammed me face first onto the ground, and put their knees on the back of my head and ground my face into the dirt after I had been pepper sprayed. It was very painful. I had a history with them, and they knew I hated to be called George.

Never assaulted anyone-ever.

Been assaulted by others? Yes, by a cop and several family members and their friends.

I’ve read that the most important factors being violent are past violence and drug use.
Not suprising.

never, but I get off watching Arnie, Stallone and Bruce Willis beat people up, shoot stuff and blow stuff up

I might have done a thing i regret while heavily intoxicated. I wouldnt recomend acting out as court orders suck.

Ah yes, drug use, I forgot that one
I’m sorry that that has happened to you
I think it is meant to be a lot more likely for ppl with mental health difficulties to be victims of crime
I stopped using drugs age 21, I don’t drink much and had only been drinking on one of the occasions mentioned,

I was 19 years old fresh out of my first psyche ward. I was living in a world famous house for schizophrenics. I felt nobody was giving me space. I was out in the backyard sitting beneath a stair landing by myself eating a bowl of cereal. I swore to myself that I was going to go off on the next person who bugged me, I didn’t care who it was. Sure enough this 22 year old resident came down from the second floor above me and spit near me. I immediately jumped up and threw the bowl of cereal at his face as hard as I could. It missed him by inches and hit a window on the second floor. But he was covered in milk and cereal. We both stood there looking at each other. I felt bad for doing it so I just walked away. Oh yeah, and I choked another guy and banged his head against the wall. But in my drug days I was assaulted several times. I had a bottle broken over my head from behind. I got beat by a club.

Wow Crimby
I’ve not had anyone get violent towards me
Only another kid at school aged thirteen

When I was younger I would become violently angry when overwhelmed. I took it out on my younger siblings. When I realized it was damaging our relationship I swore to myself never to harm someone else out of anger again.

So then I just switched to hurting myself when I was overwhelmed…sort of as a way to get out the rage and punish whoever put me in that place as well, sort of like a snappy “see what you made me do?” Not that I ever show anyone when I harm myself but the thought is still satisfying.

The amount of times I’ve done that has gone down to like…0 now that I don’t live at home. My parents never understood my mental health issues so they would push me past breaking point a lot.

That’s horrible.

Wow, talk about police brutality

Not in any serious manner.

Would fight my brother as a kid but it was more just a time killer. Never hurt him.

Couple other discrepancies but no one ever got injured.

I have no violence in me these days. The only thing I get angry at is Sz itself.

My sister was in a locked ward I visited her.
In a way it was better… The staff did seem more caring
Definitely a better staff patient ratio
Some crazy looking guy who was quite scary, but I didn’t feel he would be a threat, with the ammount of watching the staff were doing
And safer
You can’t abscond

No , I was in a fight once , pre psychosis , when I was young , the other guy got a broken nose but that was it.