Have you done drugs? Poll

Marijuana. Hash oil. Shrooms. Speed. All between 15 and 25 years old. Well I smoked a joint or two back about 5 years ago.

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I was a daily smoker of marijuana my last year of high school. Alcohol is considered a drug and I drank fairly often in high school too. When I became schizophrenic I could never handle pot again. I still smoked it on occasion but it made my psychosis much, much worse. And it was never fun again.

Got addicted to crack years later in 1986. I took up drinking again too. I quit everything in 1990. I don’t miss drugs at all. At all.


I have in the past being a heavy pot smoker. I also used the take ecstasy. The most tabs I took in one nights was about 20.

I also did a lot of LSD, magic mushrooms, cocaine and I tried crack once.

All this was between 11 and 16. I am 32 now and the last time I took drugs was when I was 23, and before that 16.

I am proud that I have only had one relapse and that was such a long time ago. I really thought that was my life at the time, so I am glad it has changed.

I owe my success to one man. A court appointed drugs consiller.

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Most I’ve taken was 4, mixed with a little bit of weed.

Still cant recall that night.

I weighed about 160 pounds back then though.

I voted no, but I’ve used edibles a few times for pain. But that was like fifteen years after onset, so not really relevant.

I was a drug addict from 16 to 26. I’ve been addicted to pot and cocaine. I’ve abused MDMA, amphetamine, benzodiazepines and alcohol. I’ve also experimented with ritalin, methamphetamine and painkillers.

I’ve smoked pot, tried cocaine one time, hashish, hash oil, tobacco, and alcohol. I have however smoked pot laced with pcp, laced with cocaine, and laced with heroin. At different times. I also smoked from what I later found out was someone’s meth pipe. I was unaware at the time. Except for the bud with heroin. That one I knew. Did that a few times. It was some form of heroin.

I did take loads of percocet unknowingly. The pharmacy filled out the wrong prescription. I could have totally sued the pharmacy and probably won a large sum. Enough to live well off. I did not. At the time I was seeing a gastroenterologist and he prescribed some medicine. When he saw what was in the bottle his eyes grew wide and told me we should sue. Later that year, I started exhibiting symptoms. Sometimes I attribute the percocet use to my mental illness. One can never really know. There was another very heavyset man in town with the same name who was prescribed a strong dose of percocet. The worst thing is that I was taking them as the other medicine was prescribed. I’d go to class high as ■■■■. I didn’t give it much thought because I hadn’t really done drugs at the time. I’d take 2 percocet in the morning, 2 after school, and 2 at night. It really ■■■■■ you up. I was constantly asleep in class. I stopped giving a ■■■■ about everything.

The pharmacy ■■■■■■ up my prescription a total of three times which was about 9 months of percocet daily. I just did not give a ■■■■ about anything. I had no idea I was taking the wrong medication. No one did, until I showed the pill bottle to the gastroenterologist. I think the withdrawal of those pills may have caused the onset of schizophrenia. I was able to bounce back with a 3.8 GPA, go to college, and work but for sure I never quite felt the same after them.

I think I nearly died a few times.

Why didn’t I sue the pharmacy? The mom of the person I was in a relationship at the time worked there. That and my mom was would clean houses as a maid and one of her employers was the owner of the pharmacies. Do I regret not suing? The thought has crossed my mind but I don’t really regret it. I’m sure I’d have won. I think it left me with a drug dependency. Marijuana helped slow that down.

I’ve only ever done alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana. Marijuana and alcohol I used in my early twenties. I tried a bump of cocaine once off a credit card at age 19 and it made me feel so awful and miserable I never touched the stuff again. I had nosebleeds every month for like a year just from that one time.

I know someone who did 30 in one night. Thinking back I have no idea how we didn’t kill ourselves!

Just weed for me. I was obsessed with lsd once, but I didn’t try it

I have tried marijuana and LSD. I have no intention of trying anything else.

Pot saved me after my first breakdown which was depression. Prozac didn’t cut the same jib so smoked away till it became problematic. Still smoked daily but it made me anxietal and paranoid. Was smoking way less and just leaf for habit when I went psychotic.

IN those years. Tried speed once. Not such a good time but tried Lsd a bit. Some amazing trips and some horrible ones which really made me think twice.

Not much fun for a prodromal sz.

I smoked weed every day for about 4 years. I also experimented with cocaine, ketamine, ecstacy, magic mushrooms and MDMA. I think it was the weed that affected me. It was what made me paranoid. Not as an adult though, I quit it all when I was about 18 / 19.

I also drank too much alcohol once every two months or so for some time at my education.
Like a whole wine bottle to myself and couple of vodka shots maybe 3

I started smoking weed when I was 13. My step dad was as drug trafficker. He was moving massive amounts of drugs. He had his own business. He was a mechanic and only fixed high end cars like Jaguars Porsche’s Ferrari’s. He used his business to launder money. When I was about 16 my step brother and I started stealing drugs from him. Things kept escalating and we stole more and more. We became drug dealers ourselves siphoning off his supply. He had a safe that he kept stuff in. I watched my mom open it one day and I got the combination. I dropped out of school when I was 17. From the age of 16 until 20 I was high from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. We were making thousands of dollars a week and we were using just as much in drugs. We had $100,000 stashed in the furnace vents in the basement. One day the furnace went out and my mom called the repair man. He opened the vent and almost crapped himself. I gave him $5000 to keep his mouth shut. I overdosed and nearly died twice. I started becoming extremely psychotic and paranoid. My step brother and I split the cash. My step brother moved out of state to get away. Things in the house were becoming volatile because of my erratic behavior. I gave what drugs I had left to a buddy and told him to get rid of it for me. My stepdad threaten to shoot my mom and she was on the phone with her sister. The cops came and arrested him. My mom took all the drugs in the house and dumped them in a dumpster. Meanwhile I was totally unhinged with paranoia and delusions. I thought the FBI was stalking me and stuff. I had severe psychosis. 2 months after I got out of the drug trade I got the news paper off the porch. All my friends were on the front page of the paper.in a major drug sting. It was a crazy ride and I’ve got some crazy stories. I’ve seen more things in my life then most people have in 10 lifetimes. I thought about writing a book.

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I used to be a heavy cannabis user. Then I went schizo and moved to alcohol.

I’ve experimented with lsd, mushrooms, cocaine. The psychedelics I’ve done maybe 7 or 8 times, and were all good trips except for one of them. Cocaine I’ve done maybe 3 or 4 times. I learned Quickly to stay away from coke.

The association is that “psychotic people can’t handle mind altering chemicals as well as normies”

I’d like to see more complex polling than this

how many of you with schizophrenia have had a single bad drug experience and are still affected

Would be an appropriate question

Because on cbs they’re doing a special on shrooms. They said “PEOPLE WITH PSYCHOSIS OR FAMILY MEMBERS OF PSYCHOSIS HAVE BEEN screened out

And they didn’t have one person who had a bad reaction.

And this was shrooms, probably the psychedelic most likely to cause bad reactions…

And they cover their eyes, put headphones on and hold their hand so it’s a safe environment

But they haven’t had one single bad reaction in hundreds and hundreds of trials on people with anxiety, depression, and addiction

me. I only took mdma once :sob:

well Im just referring to psychosis in particular since that is what I have (although it may turn into sz idk yet)

yeah.I think it’s people who are vulnerable to psychosis, those are the people who are triggered by drugs. The vulnerability can be due to loads of things, trauma…,genetics,

that’s interesting. Thanks for posting this. I mean I’m not God idk how it all works, I just thought it would be interesting to see how many of us affected by sz have taken drugs…

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well technically, we’ve all taken drugs. Since sugar is a drug. Aspirin is a drug. Antipsychotics are drugs.

Only 72% of us have used drugs??? Then 28% of us must not even be human or something :thinking:

If I were to make an appropriate poll for this type of study…it would take 10+ hours of brainstorming and planning to make a correctly worded right poll that could be applicable to all members on a schizophrenia forum.

Not insulting u butterfly but this poll doesnt really accomplish much.

Like certain posters said they’ve never used drugs but they’ve technically abused prescriptions, or taken prescriptions, or tried marijuana and never had a reaction that made them schizo, but still have sz. Im just not sure this poll proves anything. Besides perpetuating certain sort of irrelevant beliefs. its too unspecific/incomplete.


yea it’s true it’s not very specific for a start…I forgot about prescription abuse etc it is not detailed

yes I admit its not really gonna show much just who has and who hasn’t done drugs…

its just a baby poll