Have you done drugs? Poll

but I do wonder if you take a random sample of the population…if that many people, 72 percent would have done drugs plus the few who did prescription drug abuse in the comment section who said no in the poll

Dabbled in LSD and shrooms when i was 19/20. Speed in my thirtys, and smoked Heroin in Jail in my 40’s. And a bit of weed.

Drink is the thing that fcks me - so i never actually got that addicted to them - i had my vice in a bottle of scotch.

It’s a beginners poll lol.

I’m thinking a 5 question quiz and using the data in a major case study. But I’m too lazy to conjure up this stuff in my head lol.

But I would think it’d be interesting to have a poll on drug use among szs.

It would just have to be worded in a way so no one can misconstrue the questions in any way and is a completely unbiased poll where the person who answers can’t even show their biases in any way.

We can hire scientists or something to make us a good poll.

I really don’t care anymore on or off drugs. Sz is a lifesentence i get it thrown on my plate from the authorities all the time. I just brush it off.

I think most people got it’s illicit drugs Im talking about.Thats most important.

just forgot bout prescription drug mentioning as abuse but looks like people were smart to put that in the comment section.

for the rest…yes:

Loll :slight_smile:

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Experimenting with drugs is human nature. Either you use it free will or its getting recommended to you.

I wanted to feel free that’s why I used it.

Never again though

big mistake


I thought about trying pot some months ago at a trip to Amsterdam. I didnt though because I had to use my car after returning back home. As I understood, it’s not illegal to be affected by a drug here in Sweden. But if they catch u with a drug u get busted. Or driving under the influence.

I don’t understand those rules they make no sense. You’re allowed to be affected but you’re not allowed to be caught with it…

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Yeah it sounds crazy but that´s how I got it explained. So they cant do anything if u smoke the pot for example in Amsterdam and then return to Sweden.
Atleast that’s what it said at a lawfirms site here.

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I’ve tried pot twice in my life. It didn’t do much for me.


In college I worked part time at a liquor store for several years and I was trying to educate the rocket scientist who was training me in that alcohol is classified as a controlled drug. He said no, alcohol is in its own class called alcohol. I was gonna give him an ethanol lesson as well but I didn’t want his neanderthal brain to overload. Lol.

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I went through a phase of smoking ■■■■ loads of pot. But it ended up me being admitted against my will.

I was going to type some more stories in but I’d probably get modded. I gotta say having lost touch with reality for 9 months I have a new found appreciation for it. It’s been 20 years since I was a hardcore drug addict. I messed around with drugs a few time since then and I can say it did nothing for me. I just didn’t enjoy the effects. When I quit I didn’t just leave the drugs behind I left all of my friends too. I have friends from first grade that I quit talking to. I just disappeared. I made a facebook account about 5 years ago and I got bombarded with friend requests. Some of my friends died some are in prison but most were up to the same old stuff. I deleted my facebook profile after a month. I was kinda sad because there were people I wanted to keep in contact with even if it was just on the internet but there was way too much bs associated with it. If figured it would be best to disappear again. The show breaking bad really hit home. In many ways it paralleled my life.

Never tried anything, except out of curiosity I once tried how beer tastes like (as little as I could take, just in case), from the glass my uncle left on the table; there was a bit left at the bottom. I didn’t like it. I stayed away from alcohol, tobacco, and rest of the drugs by principle.

Never done anything, though I came close to accepting a coworker’s offer to smoke weed with her shortly after my maternal grandma passed away back in April. I knew how bad such a venture could potentially be for me given my history of psychosis but I didn’t care. Thankfully things never worked out to where we could get together to smoke weed.

@Jonnybegood There are papers with statistics on drug use in sz, the problem is for it to mean anything you need a proper control group - i.e. a group of people of similar age, genders, background etc who don’t have sz. Otherwise you won’t know if there is any difference between sz and normies. Kinda like doing a poll asking real estate agents what their favourite colour is - it’s only of interest if the colour chosen is different to non real estate agents.
Also you need the people answering the poll to be randomly selected. In this poll, only the people who are interested in the question have answered. This gives the result a big bias.

I was mentally I’ll before I tried drugs and alcohol.

Even as a young child I had hopelessness , depression and weird experiences etc

Anders used to say people like us feel like normal people when we take drugs.

That normal people always feel like that.

I loved extacy and took it often as I went out to night clubs.
I also did some cocaine , amphetamine.

I did marijuana but I never really enjoyed it because it made me paranoid and it did not relax me etc

I always said no to needles and heroin but I think a guy might have injected me with out my consent when I was passed out.

I have also had lsd.

My favourite was extacy.

I never took daily but I took often.

When I stopped taking drugs I became a binge drinker and I got in to so much trouble.
Being that drunk or asleep was the only time I didn’t hear voices.

I was disabled as a child but I was undiagnosed but I know how I felt and what I experienced.

Today I don’t smoke, do drugs or drink alcohol.

I had to give up alcohol entirely.
Because I’m a binge drinker with alcoholic tendencies I could not have “just one glass” instead I could not would not stop drinking so I stopped entirely.

I miss that it was easy to make friends when on drugs or alcohol and I don’t party sober I fact I’m in bed at 7.30 pm ready to sleep😮.

Yea me too. I don’t party unless I was drinking. How sad.

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I’ve never done drugs. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life and i don’t like alcohol

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Omg I wish I was you