Schizophrenia linked to weed use


I don’t smoke weed but in Canada, when you buy legal weed, ti comes with this on the packaging…



ya it does, but people still defend it and smoke it…


Oy vey.

Any opportunity to demonize cannabis.



Actually trying to demonize YOU, just using the cannabis as an excuse.

Wubs ya!!!



I would totally get a medical marijuana card for my fibro pain and dystonia pain IF I didn’t have schizoaffective. Because of that, I steer clear of it. But there’s nothing wrong with marijuana for non-psychotic people. I think they should legalize it everywhere. It’s far less harmful than alcohol, in general.


I believe cannabis can cause psychosis, because that’s what the doctors say.

However I think it’s more likely people self medicate with cannabis to control MI symptoms.

Like me


There are no studies that have established a firm causal link between cannabis and the development of schizophrenia. This looks very convincing at first glance, but in the same period cannabis use has almost doubled in Denmark, and that increase might well have disproportionately affected people at risk for developing schizophrenia.


So, your saying cannabis use is on the rise but psychosis rate remains the same?

Like any drug it will effect different people differently. People who smoke it and become psychotic may demonize it, people who smoke it and become euphoric will hail it as the greatest thing ever.

I use to smoke a lot and have a good time, but over the years I went from feeling euphoric to anxious and paranoid. The last time I smoked it, years ago, I didn’t like the way my body felt physically, a weird psychotic feeling I don’t know how to describe and a lot of anxiety. For that reason I don’t smoke it anymore.


There is a short section about that in the article. There is no clear picture yet either way (worldwide), but we’re certainly not seeing any large spikes following the many large increases in cannabis use.


Yeah, it’s still addictive and shouldn’t be used tho

Weed makes me psychotic even before sz, I had my first psychosis lasting 1-2days after smoking weed for the first time. I left friends bcz they smoked weed. I dont do other drugs either and dont hangout with ppl who do drugs. The only drug I tried was weed 2-3 times before sz. A couple of times after sz then stopped as it makes me psychotic.

It made me attack my family and was punching holes in walls, destroyed a glass door etc I rarely drink since sz as it makes me feel depressed, was never an alcoholic.

I shouldnt have trusted that friend who made me try weed for the first time, he was studying in the same university as me, he’s now a computer programmer specialized in security. Weed is legal here in Canada.

Its also addictive:


I don’t know how I feel about that statement.

I smoke everyday and just recently on this camping trip I couldn’t because we were with my cousin’s eleven year old daughter.

It was boring not being stoned,

But that was about the extent of it.

No severe cravings, no withdrawal symptoms, nothing.

I swear, people here talk so much trash about cannabis,

Still I’ve never seen/heard of someone start sucking dicks for cash because of their weed habit.

If you think weed is addictive, I don’t think you know what real addiction is.

Just my opinion.

No offense to all the weed haters.

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I think smoking cannabis is a risk factor in developing schizophrenia for people who have a genetic predisposition for schizophrenia. Thus I think as the percentage of the population who smoke cannabis increases, so too should the percentage of the population increase that develop schizophrenia.

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My father consumes cannabis every night for his chronic pain, and you know what?
He’s feeling better.

He’s also not addicted to it.

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Yeah, I don’t understand why people think weed is addictive?? I’ve never had it, but I know people who use it or have used it in the past, who aren’t addicted to it.

One particular person I know had a severe addiction to alcohol, was verbally violent, etc… but they started smoking weed everyday instead of drinking, and now their marriage is great and he’s found that the weed is calming and helps his pain (was in a bad car accident a couple of years ago). And he’s not addicted, definitely not the way he was addicted to alcohol. He’s doing so much better now. It literally saved him and his family relationships.

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