Have any of you made friends with your "voices"?

I am thinking instead of constantly fighting them it is better to create an alliance and unite with them in consciousness and energy.


If you can’t beat them, join them. Sometimes you have to compromise your principles to survive.

better to be the right hand of the devil than in his path… or something like that…

one I fight…

two I ignore

one is good to me.

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yeah, but there hardly there anymore. it might sound odd but sometimes i miss them, probably cuz i was used to hearing them all the time…

When I had them my relationship with my voices was non-existent, they rarely listened to anything I said, and I tried not to listen to the nonsense that they were on about. Luckily they responded to medication.

Im friends with Lady Jasmine. She protects me with her wolves. She looks forward to being with me in person when I pass into the world without color

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One of my voices even knew GRE test questions. It’s 17 year old me, premorbid me. He’s alright.

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My voices have increased in numbers during recent times, some are reasonable, but most of the time they’re fear mongering.

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Some defend me, and I appreciate it. I am deeply suspicious, because I will start listening to their instructions if I get too comfortable, then I can be led astray.

I’m in the same boat… There are times my head is too quiet and after a life time of internal chatter… having internal quiet feels like part of me is missing. I also feel a bit heavy and off balance when I move.

It’s a very odd feeling.

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Yes. I have made friends with my voices. Makes life enjoyable.


The voices are always the same so I can tell they are not real. With visual hallucinations I can’t always tell they are not real but fortunately I don’t have those very often on Geodon so I like the medication for that. Visuals can scare the hell out of me but I don’t find voices to be all that terrifying. You get used to them I think.

No…they are all suffering losers whose/which suffering humors me lol.

It’s funny how our voices can know stuff. But what makes it interesting is that the voices are really just ourselves


i have a friendly alien…who would have thought !?!
take care :alien:

I NEVER COMPROMISE MY PRINCIPALS for anything or anybody.

That’s the WHOLE point of having principal’s.


Besides whats so great about surviving?

I made friends with them and they gradually went away. They were a male/female pair of FBI agents who would make observations about me. Kinda like Scully and Mulder before there was an X-Files.

I made up an acronym for them-- Friends Being Interested.


Voices and hallucinations are a part of you. They come from no one else. You knew the answers somewhere in your mind… but these voices that are a part of you came to help you consciously remember them.

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Huh. Two of my voices are what I identify as FBI agents as well. They’re not friendly in the least.