Getting on with voices

I enjoy listening to the voices I hear and have made them allies. You can make friends with em and get them on your side. I hear multiple voices and they do things like tell me what football teams to bet on or what groceries to buy.

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Be careful, they can turn on you quick.


I was told by jukebox I dwelt too much on the voices and I was, but that’s not always the case. We can feel close to voices because they are inside/close, it’s intimate. Mars is right though, I don’t think anyone has good voices all the time, they tend to be in the shadows. I need real friends, I have exhausted the good I can get out of the imagination, clever as it may be.

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My voices are internal and torment me constantly. 7 years of psychological torture takes its toll, but has given me the resolve of steel. Luvox helps shut them up though. Not sure if mine is OCD, schizophrenia, or both.

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Yeah, I did the same thing and it’s fine.

My voices tell me that they are not friends. But they are not Supermean anymore.

Hey, I personally think ‘the voices’ are you connected with the ‘great subconscious’…

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I have near constant conversations with the voices these days.

They’re a lot friendlier than what I was dealing with for two decades prior.

My voices have been going on today. I tell be quiet. Usually they do.

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