Do you have Voices As Friends (?) (?)

Hello Guys and Gals

I am curious about everyone elses voices ,

I now (at this last 7ish possibly more months) have two voices that I consider as friends ,

These two voices are with me 24/7 ,

before I pass out in the middle of the night I turn everything off and talk to them ,

earlier today I sat for about two hours and jus talked about my past ,

eye as of today have no friends ,

im not evn really worried about having or not having friends because I have two with me all the tyme ,

I shall give you a (live) example of my two friends , ok I am going to be sylent and type out what they say ,

1.) Example 1.) - “i don’t know why you do this all the time” - Male Voice

2.) Example 2.) - “this is stupid as ■■■■” - Female Voice

Ok so well they aren’t too excited about what i am doinG right now ,

and as always it makes me want to stop what im doing and get back to music , which is what im going to do after my curiousity question ,

Hello Stranger

Do you have voices that you consider as your friend? ,

If you do maybe our voices can talk to each other during (example exercises) ,


ok ill shush id upP nao …

(thank you for reedinG mah shtuff) - (to be continued) - (perhaps)

My good voices have been fading away lately. Two of the best, most kind ones, Gloria and Thomas, I haven’t talked to in…months?

I don’t know where they went and it’s distressing. I don’t get why voices will suddenly disappear. It’s what happened with my God and Jesus voices too. They helped me out through most of middle school and high school and then they just…went away…I heard them less and less and then poof gone. Haven’t talked to them in years, or at least had a 2 way conversation. And now Gloria and Thomas too, ugh.

I feel bad for people who only have terrible mean voices. I don’t know how they manage.

Does anyone have any good voices that turned bad?

I used to have a good voice who would talk about neutral things and would sometimes narrate my actions, and while manic, he would tell me how awesome I was. Now he insults me and suggests I partake in harmful behaviors. Now this voice is just like the other one.

Anyone else go through this too?

i have four main voices and up to about 200 others at various times. none of them are my friends. they try to make out that they are but i can straight through them. it tends to run in cycles. they’ve spent 13 years being nice one minute and nasty the next, mainly nasty with lil trips into therapy the next minute. it’s shite. they always lie so i’ve just stopped believing in them. once i figured out that i wasn’t telepathic i got two or more copies of the same voices suddenly being very nice and pertaining to be my therapists, would you believe. in their words, you weren’t telepathic before but you are now…hmmmmmmm. to me that’s just a second attempt to get me diagnosed as sz. i do not believe i am telepathic at all. in real life, the voices pertaining to be these people are not so articulate…or is that the wrong word? i’ve heard one of them argue with his girlfriend, he sounded like a complete dunce, nasty, irrational and just plain violent, yet his voice in my head(one of them and there are about 6 of the same person) is always composed and never loses his temper and seems to be more articulate than the real man. this voice claims not to believe in god. then a different personality of the same voice, is nasty, demeaning and claims to believe in god. it’s like they are carefully crafted copies of the real people. the female voice that now claims that er last incarnation was a personality funnily enough sounds exactly the same as the first one that repeatedly asked me to commit suicide about 6 years ago…now all of a sudden she’s friendly in fits and spurts and is offering therapy even though in real life she’s not qualified to do so and neither is the main male voice. in real life this man has therapy himself yet it doesn’t work and i’m expected to believe that i have some telepathic link with these people. it’s absolute shite. i do not trust my voices one iota as they have never been of any benefit to my well being at all. i think i’ll always have them but i will never trust them at all.

Might be a bait (being friendly) to tempt you do something harmful in the future.

Be careful.

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My voices would try to gain my trust by being nice and encouraging then they would turn on me. Usually now if they come back it’s for like 1 minute when I’m a little worried or stressed about something. They just chime in with advice then they say at the end “but you know we’re just you in your head and we will just try and screw you up anyway see if we care” something along those lines

Then they dissappear .

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Sounds like some maniacal voices you have to live with, if only they would just give us reliable advice and compliments!

I used to have friends that were voices. Now with meds I dont have any at all. And I dont believe in voices anymore as telepathic, but it took some time, to break of the friendship with that special someone that were a voice, or telepathic as I thought.

I do have one that is friendly. The good doctor.

The rest used to be horrid and one I have is so disturbing I couldn’t really take it.

But over the years many of them have faded. Now it’s sort of non-stop chatter, but it’s neutral.

It gets hard to ignore them sometimes, but I feel… it’s easier then it used to be.