Clarity, first time in 2 years

What a clarity of mind. What a peace of mind.
I never had such tranquility in these 2 years of schizophrenia


My thoughts are soft like clouds. They pass, they leave no traces

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I feel so lucky and blessed today.
Heat no more. Autumn melancholic now.
I love it

Are you just on haldol now? It sounds like it’s working out.

No, not yet. We lower doses gradually and slowly. I still take 60mg abilify, 20mg zyprexa and 200mg clozaril. Here in Greece we run out of haldol injections and clozaril (leponex here). So I don’t know what we’ll do

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Maybe you’ve found that equilibrium in brain health that calms your intrusive thoughts down. Congrats!

My thoughts have recently become super calm as well, but that’s due to an alkaline water regimen curing my chronic headache.

There are moments we all are ok but what if its a delusion of feeling good and you dont have insight into your illness?
If you really feel well long may it last.

What on earth does this mean? Delusion of feeling good?

I rarely have bad thoughts. Except when Bad forces insert homicidal and suicidal thoughts in my head

Congrats on that
Sometime i feel like u and i feel these medications r the medication of real happiness

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Not as a common delusion. I have to deal with this feeling good sensation like being manic, feeling high but no drugs taken while having negative symptoms and are hard to overcome, i am feeling high functional some days but other days i stay in bed. In this way delusional, feeling good but not really.

Im glad youre feeling clearer @Om_Sadasiva

this must be good in some way that you are feeling this way

it must be good to be getting off of the too many meds you were on. take care

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