Emotional blunting

Most days so emotinalless and tired from Meds…is it the Meds Or illness. Im on 500 mg seroquel now.
Doesnt it flatten dopamine.

Not sure about seroquel, but just being depressed can remove all the color from your life.
Don’t fight this, just observe from a distance getting through each day the best you can.
Eventually, it lifts.

Funny, thinking back on my depression, everyone could tell me what I should be doing instead, but nothing helped that I’m aware of, but ask anyone about the day the life comes back into them, and I’ll bet not one can say exactly what or when it was.

Well I’m seriously thinking about getting off my meds…it makes my emotions so flat.

Just don’t be surprised if after getting off the meds that it wasn’t the problem.
My pdoc told me once after I asked him how do we know if the meds are working, he said we just have you stop them and see if you get worse, then we know they work.

like 2007 before I was getting my emotions back after a great deal of therapy. Not really sure it’s was all caused by the meds at least half of it I did myself as I’m a total wimp with dealing with my emotions.

I’d say it’s a little bit of both

What are the withdrawals like for most psych drugs.