Has Your Vision Changed Since Developing Your Illness?

If so, in what ways has it changed?

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You mean eyesight? No. I still see fine without glasses.

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Yes, it may be the derealization or my brain is not ‘processing’ very well what my eyes see.

I developed a lot more floaters but other than that no change.

zeno, you have Schizotypal, correct?

Yes but my pdoc is not sure.

My upclose vision has gone to hell in the past few years, but I suspect it’s more from turning 50.
Never wore glasses before, now I know what a pain in the…neck it is to have to wear them.

Interesting how there seems to be alot of derealization involved in Schizotypal. I also have Derealization.

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I wore glasses since I was 14. About the same time I developed mental illness. But I don’t think they are linked. I think I got short sighted bcuz I read a lot of books.

I have a papiledema, optic nerve swelling, so I could go blind one day, but it’s stable right now.

I don’t need glasses at all. I have extremely low myopia. It is even not noticeable.

I am lucky for that! :grin:

I’ve had glasses since I was 5. I know the difference between needing new glasses and a side effect caused by drugs. I’ve had blurry vision in parts since starting Abilify. My doctor says it’s cause the medicine does blahblahblah and that a lot of antipsychotic medicines have that as a side effect but she doesn’t believe me.

mine are rapidly getting worse but its age related I think

I don’t have perfect vision but I don’t think my eyes have gotten worse. If anything, I will blame the eclipse that happened a few weeks ago lol…i looked at it for 5-6 sec without the glasses. (bad idea)

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My vision has gotten a little worse. It’s more blurry.

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i need glasses now, i dont think it has anything to do with sz

i have blurry vision, this effects me very negatively, it makes it hard for me to read. it sets in around 6pm, after that till dawn i have blurry vision.

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Was fine till a little 14 year old quick snuck a cricket ball through my visor that fractured my eyesocket. Loosing vision ever since and need glasses to read now. One eye is worse than the other of course! Little bastardo!


I went to get an eye exam about 2 weeks ago because noticed ive been having blurred vision ive never needed glasses ever come to find out i might have keratoconus in my left eye and i need glasses for my right eye this fing sucks now i gotta go see an eye doctor next month

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Hey cris, did you by chance join a depersonalization disorder website called DPSH years ago? I recognize your username.