Has Your Vision Changed Since Developing Your Illness?

Yea i did 15151515

Thought so. Idk if you would remember me, my username was “dpsucks”. I think I occasionally saw you around the chatroom. Did you end up leaving the site or what happened?

Yea i remember u. i left cuz all the usual ppl that i chatted with were banned lol

Ah, I see. I read some of your posts on here and your story and current condition sound very similar to mine. When were you diagnosed SZ? Was it after you left DPSH?

Yea it was after i left about 2 years ago

What led to the diagnosis? Im seeing a new therapist this next week and Im fairly certain Im showing all the classic signs of prodrome.

I went off my antipsychotic and started hearing voices

Were you initially put on one for dp/dr symptoms?

Yea but i confused dp with sz negative symptoms

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Late in my schizophrenic phase i had blurry vision that comes and goes nowadays but that’s no longer happening.

Yes, but I think it’s because of medication. I wear glasses now.