Has someone tried to take advantage of you knowing your illness?

I dunno who to trust sometimes, and sometimes I feel like I’m stuck. Has anyone blatently tried to take advantage of you in any way knowing you were disabled?

Not really, no. Its just that people give me a hard time because they don’t understand schizophrenia. Or they’ll pretend to have the same thing and write me off. They think its something you get over like cold. Its a lot more than that.


I’ve gotten that vibe too before. But I don’t give up and try not to let my frantic inner self ■■■■ up my life. My dad actually doesn’t even believe I have a condition and has never really respected me. (Oh I thought I was scizo once but it was a fan…)

wtf is that??

I met a homeless man one time who found out I was schizo because we were all exchanging diagnoses. He covered his mouth and said hey give this guy some money. It was more of a joke and he was just playing around. I thought it was funny. That’s the closest I’ve ever came to being taken advantage of


I’ve seen lots of people Mimic voices in peoples heads when Im around not knowing that I am schizophrenic. I didn’t know them and it was a lot of dudes so I didn’t say anything…

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oh dunno if couse the diagnosis or for me beig blatantly trusty, i always end giving my things away to random ppl i meet in the street

hope they care.

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A guy took advantage of me because my eyes looked like zombi and medication makes me look naive, and a victim, but when i was not on medication people would think how to say before they start talking.
But i am changing all that, i will be taking very low doze… And monitoring my drooping eyes.

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Yeah. An evil alien vampire with human like tendencies, drained me dry, collecting along the way all my opinions, memories and money.
Out there in the same town lives a hollow twin of myself that will be complete once I die…but at least my likeness will live on forever. Hope they can sustain the act without completely disintegrating to bits of something ugly.

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People are trying to take advantage of me in spite of my illness. I guess I could also say they are trying to take advantage of me knowing my illness. It makes me really, really mad.

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Its heart breaking to admit, but out of my large family, I have 1 brother who has been the exact opposite of supportive. The rest are amazing and we’re pretty close… But this ONE brother is going through something dark and is rather toxic.

I’m having a hard time figuring if he’s messing with me because of his own problems or if he’s doing it because he’s actually out to mess me up…

When my sis and I were out for the day he used his key to get in and leave a case of my favorite whiskey and a bag of pot in our apartment… knowing I’ve been sober for 6 years and fighting off pot temptation. (we changed the locks the next day)

He always makes me feel stupid and slow and then he’ll ask if I’ve taken my meds. He loves to always bring up past incidents that I’ve long apologized for. He will also say ominous things about the safety of our kid sis. There are other little jabs he does that sets me on edge.

I’ve been working harder at not letting him get to me.

For the most part… I’ve had complete strangers treat me better then certain members of my own family.


That is totally messed up don’t let him get to you.
I stayed sober for my son for years but now he does not live with us because I think I was causing stress because of my illness.
and pot made him totally psychotic and I warned him. But you know.

Be strong and don’t let the a)$&& holes get your goat.
They are just insecure and need to try to cut you down. My husband tried that for years until I figured out that little game. You’re psychotic and I’m not.
Well I have a job and he has a money sucking hobby called landscaping.
Only now is he starting to realize I’m the sane one.

Yes, a “friend” who was a violent drunk. I haven’t seen him in 25 years. Good riddance.

Yes, younger “friends” used to get me to buy them booze, then they left when I did. Totally not into assholes like that. They know very well that I have schizophrenia. Like this one kid asked for me to buy him a 40 after I poured him a glass of Jack Daniel’s. I was like wtf no I just gave you what is a 12$ drink at a bar. One night my friend got me to buy him liquor with his credit card and I signed my name on his receipt so now I dont go back to that liquor store. I stick to beer, liquor is for getting drunk and beer is for getting big and buzzed. Im having a beer right now.

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I haven’t had a beer yet…I actually only had one beer last night after the sushi dinner. I’m trying not to sauce up too much…but sometimes when I do I just keep going no matter how futile things seem. Even in Egypt there was beer. I don’t hang with the young ones that much, but I did go out to a bar this past Saturday. I am a demon drunk on whiskey so I gave it up.

In his first psychotic break, my son gave a month’s income to the imam of a mosque. He also lost or gave away his new smartphone. A week later, he went back to the mosque and as he approached, the imam walked straight up to him and gave him 8/9ths of it back. He kept the rest “for expenses.” A lot of people helped him. Most people are kind and honest, you know

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at least it wasn’t a rabbi, then you’d be REALLY broke…no no really JK okay? Just a joke maybe that was wrong. SOrry.

I noticed one person who i was trying to sleep with had the respect for realising i was crazy and wouldn’t let me sleep with him… we stopped half way through kissing but he let me lie there all night - i wouldn’t have gone home so in that sense i had no where else to go and he took care of me that night.
i spent the night kind of almost humping his leg, i was really out of it, delusional
He was an AA dude

I’m really sorry to hear that, I’ve been sexually awkward many times since I became ill. I was trying to be very open about my illness and they were disgusted by it. They avoided or just went to a dinner with me with friends. My girlfriend knew a lot of my buddies and asked about me though, we hooked up and have been together almost a year. Our relationship isn’t based on sex, and that’s where I believe I did the right thing in the world of love. Don’t base things on sex…that’s hard for me earlier in life. Went clubbing many one night stands lived in las vegas. I am not proud of who I am. Like wedding crashers scene where owen Wilson wakes up and doesn’t know the woman’s name or how he got there? I’ve since put it all down, yet the past refuses to stay dead in it’s shallow grave from these voices…

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I am also a demonic drunk on liquor. Beer makes me happy drunk, liquor just makes me angry and feel less conscientious, then I go to sleep.

Because of my illness? No never. Because I’m just such a nice guy and a little on the naïve side? Hells yes they have…well maybe there was one time…I was not right at all and took a stranger out for drinks on my credit card to discuss exactly how much drugs he could get me…I crawled home that night $400 lighter in the wallet and ended up thrown to the living room floor with my girlfriend’s foot on my throat…as if it wasn’t bad enough to lose that night right?