Has someone tried to take advantage of you knowing your illness?

People don’t knowingly take advantage of me, because they don’t know my diagnosis. They take advantage of my symptoms. I’m not always aware of everything going on around me or I show fear or I am hesitant and I feel they take advantage of those things.

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A lot of people have had a lot of fun at my expense…I’d consider that being taken advantage of.

Dude that’s the most horrible way to get drugs.

Drugs are illegal. There’s no “good” way to get them. They’re always illegal.

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Kind of shows you that doing wrong gets your ass into the sling really quick.

Well people can take advantage of me in person as I think slowly and have trouble keep up in normal conservation. I can do all my work by email and sending out reports that gives me time to think and check the contents.

I will never talk to anyone in a parking lot again.

When I had a nice car, I was targeted for a scam. a guy came behind me an pushed my grocery cart into another car. I ran and almost caught it. Problem is he pushed it into the wrong car but luckily there was no damage since I caught it. He took my license plate where there is a local police in a trailer. The cop gave him my address and scam man got my phone because he claimed he was an innocent bystander and number and harrassed me into finally paying for a different car owned by the scammer. He even put fake broken chips that he pointed out. I said that was not the car that was involved and I was just too upset, I finally just paid him $200 to get rid of him.

Then another time a guy in a lot said he would help pull out a small dent. He totally tricked me and made everything much worse then demanded payment. I should have called police but I am afraid of them and I get scared and it usually ends up bad.

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I’m really sorry to hear that, but don’t be afraid of police too much…that’ll really give them a reason to give you trouble lol.