Do you notice people stop trying to relate to you when they find out?

When someone finds out you have schizophrenia do you notice people stop talking to you or talk to you less, like your dangerous?

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Even when I tell people that I have bipolar they seem to walk on egg shells - I mean they seem to be cautious with me - or treating me as if I were slow minded or child like - it doesnt happen all of the time, but it does happen quite often.
I do notice that my psychiatrist is ‘cautious’ with me - just a sense I am getting. I have seen her talk to some of her other patients and she comes off as more relaxed - not so much around me

exactly they appear more cautious. we arent all violent


I notice that people stop believe what you say. Almost like they think your lying to them or you can’t tell the difference so your story is less valid.

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that too like the side effects you have from meds are all in your head or something

People pretty much overlook my illness and expect to operate as a normal person. I found this suspicious when I was paranoid. Like they all knew and didn’t care, but I have good friends. When I do talk about it they try to relate and tell me that is sounds tedious or terrifying. They reassure me they aren’t telepathic and life moves on. There reality is unshaken why should they give you the time of day. Perhaps its because my friends have known me all my life and they dont really think about the illness. Most of them say there is nothing wrong with me on the surface so I guess I’ve just adapted.

they dont really have to digg up to realize.


but yeah, all kinds of people stop trying to relate me cause i have hard confusing times trying to uderstand normal, been trying since forever, i was just “special” before i get the “clinically insane” label. either way is the same, is not the label, is not them, is not you,
is fate.

Some people do. They’re called wastes of time.

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Yes, but it turns out they were for the most part the kind of people I didn’t want in my life in the first place. What I originally perceived as a problem turned out to be a blessing.


I function at too high of a level for anyone to decipher the idea I have schizophrenia. I take meds 3 times a day, and no one at my work sees me take my afternoon dose. I work in a cubicle.

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honestly what I have experienced is people thinking it is ok to say really horrible things because they are stupid.

most just run away screaming…!?!
take care

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My family and friends don’t like to understand it. I don’t expect them to really. They treat me as if I’m normal for the most part.

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I’m sort of in the same boat as Mortimermouse on this one… some people seem a bit rattled and act different, some people stay the same and treat me like they always have.

The people who act dumb and run away… good for them… less people I have to deal with in a day.

The people who stay and try to learn something or ask thoughtful questions… good for them… another opportunity to educate.

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uh… since i found out or since they found out i dont really care too much about people, but yeah, they may be quite distant with me now, becoming pariah with all my efforts to bleach out the fakeness of kindness.
be expelled.

(yeah it brings a lot of spiritual pain and that but its a fun process!)

In my case, my dear friend, I have not had the courage to speak about my illness with people yet. The advice, in these situations, it is not saying nothing about our illness. When I talk with my brothers about my schizophrenia they seem that they don´t understand. They don´t see the seriousness of my illness.

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