Has nicotine patch helped anyone to quit smoking?

Hi, im considering to use NRT with nicotine patch, but dont know if its gonna be effective. Anyone was successful using nicorette patch?

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I’m using nicotine gum. Seems to work with the cravings at least mentally - the rest is lowlevel craves or habit feeling of missing out.

I imagine the patches will do the same for you.

Keep at it! You’ll get there!

I quit for 9 months using the patch. The only reason I started again is because I moved back in with my ex and he smokes and it was so easy to fall back into old habits. But yes the patch worked. I have some patches already for when I get my own apartment so I can quit again. I smoked a pack a day and started with the 21mg patch for 8 weeks, then the 14mg patch for 8 weeks then the 14 mg patch for 4 weeks, I used nicotine lozenges to help out too. very seldom. If you exfoliate the skin where you are placing the patch it sticks better and you get more nicotine. Some people have to take it off to sleep or they get vivid dreams.

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The patch worked for me. It’s been about 10 years now. I used the method that @leaf used. I also used sugar free candies to help me through the cravings. It was very hard but it was so nice to be free and I had so much more money. Good for you for quitting!

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The only NRT that gave effect, on me.

The patch didnt really work for me as well as the gum. Guess it’s an oral pacification thing. If I would, I’d suggest gum and trying to stay away from any influence. Of course alot of people I know smoke so I never fully kicked it.

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For me, the patch had no effect. And gum’s also no effect. I did vaping on a 0.4 Ohm coil with 12 or 9 mg of nicotine. But got back on cigarettes. I also was on medication. With medication I could quit for over two months.

It doesn’t matter how I quit. I will go always back to smoking. It makes me more active. Before smoking I was laying the whole day in bed. I could not replace smoking with something else. Without smoking I don’t care about my life that much. It surely has a cognitive effect on me.

I am vaping much less, looking to stop soon. No more smoking and no more vaping. No more nicotine.

Try and putting it off through out your day then eventually not do it at all…

I Once Was Forced, (Outside of My Own Devices), Forced to Use a “patch”, to Gather “nicotine”.

It’s Placebo. There is No Actual Sense of Comfort From a Plastic Sticky Film.


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I has tried quitting vaping/smoking many times with NRT.It doesnt work for me, i end up quitting cold turkey after two years being addicted to smoking/vaping

I smoked four packs a day. I got stopped greater than six years ago.

When I was in the hospital they gave everyone patches. They didn’t work for any of us. When I got out I smoked like a freight train.

Patches level you out
Take a high dose, should help satisfy
But don’t stop wearing it if you fail, just carry on quitting And don’t call it a fail
When I used high dose patches, on top I used lozenges 24/7
Id have one stuck to the roof of my mouth overnight

I smoked 60 a day, 14 years ago

The thing you have to do with nicotine replacement is stop craving, cos if you crave you will smoke
I haven’t felt like one ever from the last start

Not to say I hadn’t tried lots of other times
If you’re sick enough of it you will quit

İ didn t used any equipment for quit smoking.instead i used words.i found a word and whenever i want smoke i repeat that word and it can be any word but i used "…ck off":smile::smile: