Has everyone here got their Vit D tested?

My back pain is almost nonexistent and I just noticed how it totally uplifted my mood and stopped me feeling so fatigued all the time. I think everyone should get theirs tested :smile:

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I get mine tested every year. I take daily D supplements (2,000 IU) and it improves my mood tremendously! Especially in the winter, as I have seasonal affective disorder.

I’m so glad that your pain has gone. You must be feeling great now!




I had it tested and it was too low last year. I have 800 IE every day and it’s fine now.

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We live in S.A.D. city. Seattle is rain rain and more rain, it doesn’t go away. Vitamin D is a must if you live here under the great grey skies. Vitamin D deficiency is huge here and there are always public service announcements about it.

“Don’t forget your “D” Seattle”

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My vitamin D is always low. Probably because most of the light I get is from my computer monitor. The doc prescribed vitamin D for me a while back but I stopped taking it.

The shade is a tool, a device, a savior
See, I try and look up to the sky
But my eyes burn
Come (shove it) [x3]
Shove (shove it) [x3]
The sun (shove it) [x3]
Aside (shove it aside)
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I’m getting it tested this week. i don’t normally but i’m taking a dietician class for mentall ill and they want your blood work and i believe vitamin d is one to them.

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Next month i have a blood test appointment, i will have it tested. Low vit. D can worsen the symptoms of schizophrenia, it also can cause schizo like symptoms for some.

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